Barack Obama crushed John McCain in Michigan in 2008, 57.33%-40.89%.

Obama must win Michigan in 2012, it’s part of every scenario for him to get to 270:

Yet a poll just released in the Detroit News shows Obama up by only 5 points over Romney, via The Hill:

President Obama is leading Mitt Romney by 5 percentage-points in Michigan, according to a new poll of likely voters in the state.

The survey, conducted by the Glengariff Group and reported in the Detroit News, shows an even wider margin for Obama among female voters. He leads the former Massachusetts governor by 12 points — 47 percent to Romney’s 35 percent.

 Among all voters surveyed, Obama led Romney 45 percent to 39.5 percent in Michigan.

This polling will come as no surprise to AxelPlouffe, whose entire “War on Women” line of attack recognizes that without a large gender gap, Obama is toast.  As explained in the Detroit News:

“Barack Obama, if he wins, will win it on the women’s vote, “[pollster Richard] Czuba said. “I  think, for the Romney campaign, that is the issue now, making headway with the  gender gap.”

Regardless of female support, Obama’s overall support in Michigan is well  below 50 percent. As an incumbent, Czuba said, that indicates the  Democrat-leaning state may be in play come November; Obama won the state handily  in 2008.

“This is not a slam dunk by any means,” Czuba said. “It’s a race.”

Do not expect the War on Women nonsense to abate.  Obama needs it too much to let go.


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