How many designer blouses could the taxpayers buy Michelle Obama in exchange for the cost of her Spanish vacation?

 Anne Sorock

That’s right, the taxpayers could have taken the $467,585 they spent for Michelle’s summer vacay to Spain and purchased 492 of Ann Romney’s much discussed Reed Krakoff blouse, worn on Tuesday’s “CBS This Morning.”

The American people could have given every female member of the 112th Congress four of the designer blouses. Better still, Congress could have returned the money and given Americans the opportunity to save for the rising tax burden her husband’s been working to #forward onto current and future Americans.

Michelle Obama, who employs her own stylist and personal assistant Meredith Koop, takes pride in a carefully stylized image — part J. Crew, part everywoman Target shopper, and all parts international First Lady jetsetter.

Ann Romney, who did not rely upon the taxpayers to foot the bill for her $990 designer blouse, does not employ a stylist.

While Ann Romney’s selection may have needlessly played into the hands of the Obama campaign–intent on making the 2012 election about class warfare–her blouse doesn’t compare to the first lady’s penchant for much more expensive luxuries.

And, we didn’t have to pay for Ann’s blouse.


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