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When Jake met …

When Jake met …

Jake Tapper wrote a column for the Washington City Paper titled “I dated ______].”  Guess which girl Jake almost took home to mama?

Don’t click on the link until after you vote.  (open until midnight, Eastern, tonight)

(h/t for the article to James Joyner on Twitter — don’t click until after you vote!)

UPDATE: Comments are re-opened. The correct answer is … Monica Lewinsky.


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(Reserving all further comment until tomorrow…)

stevewhitemd | April 2, 2012 at 8:08 am

I had guessed Anne Coulter. Shows you what I know.

Interesting piece by Mr. Tapper. There’s a lot more to most people than we ever see.

I guessed Ann Coulter too! I figured “bring home to mama” would be based on something more than one casual dinner.

I don’t care for Tapper’s public analysis of the details of his “date”. Interesting, perhaps, but inappropriate.

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