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War on ….

War on ….

things we hold dear:


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Why won’t Dersh just say what he really thinks?

I saw Dershowitz and thought you might be posting that clip. I frequently listen to Michael Smerconish after Rush. He has been all over this case but Dershowitz didn’t quite fit the narrative he has been following. Smerconish generally follows the narrative most likely to land him as guest host on Hardball. Needless to say I was pretty surprised by this segment. That all the libs who slurp up Hardball as part of their government-regimented daily diet witnessed this makes it all the more delightful.

Vanderbilt U., although private, is a major recipient of federal funds. I’m wondering who instigated this.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt U. does not appear to own the name “Vanderbilt” without “University” after it. The university on its own adopted the name after Cornelius Vanderbilt died, because he had given it a donation. I’m not sure how it can tell anyone not to use the name. There are thousands of people and things named Vanderbilt in the U.S.

Out of curiosity — and bearing in mind that I’m no mavin — I did a simple word search on the U.S. trademark database. It appears to me that the word “Vanderbilt” is the trademark of a grocery store in Kansas.

There are lots of other “Vanderbilt” things.

I wish I could make a comment about the vile lies being taught about the Holocaust because I once had four very dear, now departed, friends who were survivors…..but watching it brought vivid memories to me of the tattooed numbers still visible on their wrists and the stories they told me of the unspeakable horrors they were forced to endure makes me too angry to type what I feel seeing someone compare them to Nazi’s.

I recommend either “Vanderbroken Catholics” or “Vunderbilt Catholics”

The war on…

the economy
small business
job creation
cheap energy
freedom from excessive government
our constitutional rights

listingstarboard | April 13, 2012 at 10:40 am

Reading the comments of the Vanderbilt post it was noted that the Vanderbilt Muslim student Association did not have to comply–is this true?? Would the Muslim Students have to allow non-Muslims as well? Tennessee and North Carolina seem to have been chosen as footholds in the South for spreading Islam in this country.