CEI has published a study about private property laws in outer space by Rand Simberg, one of the best people qualified to write on the topic. In sum, Simberg claims that the U.S. should recognize claims on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids and gives a loose foundation for the U.S. government’s access to establishing recognized property rights beyond Earth.

It’s a fun read, if nothing else, and it’s nice to think about final frontiers in this day and age.

And though space may be the final frontier, it doesn’t have to be the final resort for humanity: Seasteading is my favorite libertarian pet project. Over the course of the past year, some alums from the Seasteading Institute have set up shop.  Blueseed aims to undermine the inefficient visa programs that truncates the talent that Silicon Valley execs can recruit. US immigration policy is a slow and cruel process, let’s hope competition from Blueseed marks the beginning of  reform.



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