Obama’s targeting of demonized groups has been narrowing over time, something documented here since the 2008 campaign.

Remember when the Top 5% were the target? Phew, that’s so 2008.

Then the Top 2%.  Phew, that’s so 2009.

Then the Top 1%.  Phew, that’s so 2010.

Then Wall Street.  Phew, that’s so 2011.

No, old Eagle Eye has been circling long enough, and he has spotted his prey:  About 400 people who would be afffected by the Buffett Rule.

But that will not suffice.  400 people is too broad.  It’s hard to dig your claws into 400 people.  There are too many job creators, innovators, and nice people.

Obama needs to lock onto and make an example of just one person:

“Can’t Obama just find someone to publicly flog and be done with it already?”

Yes he can.  Yes he will.  He can do this.

That person is The One Obama has been waiting for.