Defeating Barack Obama is a priority.

So is keeping the presumptive nominee from etch-a-sketching and erasing the conservative movement.

Via Byron York:

At a closed-to-the-press Florida fundraiser Sunday night at which his remarks were overheard by some reporters standing outside, Mitt Romney was asked about his media strategy for the general election campaign.  According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and MSNBC, Romney said his campaign has been treated well by Fox News but that he needs to expand his audience beyond the leading cable news channel.

“Fox is watched by the true believers,” Romney told donors, according to the Wall Street Journal. “We need to get the independents and the women.”

Many of the true believers are women, and Fox News demographics are diverse by party affiliation:  In 2010,  44 percent of Fox viewers identify themselves as Republican. 28 percent as Independents and 21 percent as Democrats.

But put aside the facts, isn’t this just a little too soon?

Twitchy is collecting the reaction from the true believers.