Tea Parties across the country, the recipients of letters from the IRS demanding they produce reams of documents detailing every email, blog post, tweet, radio transcript, Facebook entry, and on, have banded together to share resources in defending their 501c4 applications.

The Liberty Defense Foundation is allowing the disparate groups to share recommendations for accountants and other services the groups will be requiring in order to comply with the demands of the IRS.

Toby Marie Walker of the Waco Tea Party has been instrumental in facilitating the communication between the groups–some so small that they meet only as book groups to read the Constitution and other founding documents. For them, the financial, emotional, and logistical burden of compliance is almost impossible to meet:

“They want to tax political speech,” said Walker. “If we don’t stand up for this who’s next–our churches? Our garden clubs? It’s kind of like McCarthyism–‘have you now or have you ever been a supporter of the Tea Party?'”

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is providing legal counsel to the Tea Parties pro bono. In the meantime, several lawmakers, including Cong. Flores, Renacci, Camp, Jordan, McClintock, and Issa have made multiple demands of their own from the IRS–and put a timetable of 28 days on a response. According to Walker, 28 days is the same amount of time the IRS gave Tea Parties to comply.

Walker added that what they need most at this point is public pressure to uncover why the IRS targeted these groups.

As the Tea Parties continue to advocate for smaller, responsible government the IRS proves the movement’s point by demonstrating the tyranny of an empowered federal bureaucracy.


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