You go to war with the Mitt you have.

That’s the view of John Hawkins, co-founder of, in a post at his blog Right Wing News:

At this late date, at a minimum, I’d still prefer Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, Rich Santorum, Jon Huntsman, and anybody who came out of brokered convention over Mitt Romney. That’s because Mitt’s not a conservative, he was a mediocre governor, I don’t really know where he stands on any issue, and I think he is below average in electability. There’s not much of a point to continuing to hammer that message home after today since Mitt has it all but locked up, but it’s worth noting there were a lot of more conservative, more electable candidates in the race who the GOP establishment helped to methodically beat down in order to clear a path for Romney.

Still, as Donald Rumsfeld might say, you go to war with the politician you have, not the politician you might wish to have — and I have always said, from day 1, that if it came down to Mitt and Barack Obama, I’d prefer to have Romney in the White House….

Whatever the case may be, Obama is throwing the country off of a cliff and when you’re plunging into a bottomless chasm, you can’t get too picky about which branch you grab on the way down.

My view?

Oh, you’ll have to sit by the computer constantly refreshing the screen so that you see it first directly, and don’t just hear about it in news reports.

You would not want to miss the opportunity to tell your children and grandchildren, “I remember exactly where I was when Legal Insurrection announced its position on going to war with the Mitt we have.”

In the meantime, be happy, don’t worry.

He’s having the time of his life, why shouldn’t you?


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