I value the input.  I’m sorry I can’t respond to all the e-mails but I read them all.

I particularly appreciate the proofreaders!  And the bumper sticker contributors rock!

From reader Anne, on why Bill Nelson may be safe in Florida.:

I read with interest your comments on the FL senate race. As a Florida native and a conservative-leaning voter, this is, imo, a case of voting for the person over the party. A majority of the long-time Florida residents I know (and are related to) both consider themselves conservative, and voted for neither Carter, Clinton, nor Obama. But they have and will continue to vote for Nelson. He presents himself as a man of integrity & whose concern is for the people he represents, and since his early roots as a state rep, he’s managed to convince people that he means it.

While I sympathize with the nation-wide movement to both “throw the bums out” and shift the US Congress to a more conservative balance, I would not expect Bill Nelson to lose his seat any time soon. He has yet to sufficently annoy the citizens of Florida, most of whom have a long list of more immediate grevances.

Tom notes:

EVERY time I hear Obama talk about “fairness” – in the tax code, bailouts, and now, yesterday, regarding energy “regulation” – all I can think of is yelling “LIFE isn’t about fairness” O!

If life were fair, the inexperienced, basically unemployable, and overwhelmingly shallow Obama would never have triumped over John McCain – who, for all his faults, was an experienced legislator and a genuine American war hero. Obama has thrived on the unfairness in the system throughout his career. He ought to stop talking about it.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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