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Reader Appreciation Night

Reader Appreciation Night

I value the input.  I’m sorry I can’t respond to all the e-mails but I read them all.

I particularly appreciate the proofreaders!  And the bumper sticker contributors rock!

From reader Anne, on why Bill Nelson may be safe in Florida.:

I read with interest your comments on the FL senate race. As a Florida native and a conservative-leaning voter, this is, imo, a case of voting for the person over the party. A majority of the long-time Florida residents I know (and are related to) both consider themselves conservative, and voted for neither Carter, Clinton, nor Obama. But they have and will continue to vote for Nelson. He presents himself as a man of integrity & whose concern is for the people he represents, and since his early roots as a state rep, he’s managed to convince people that he means it.

While I sympathize with the nation-wide movement to both “throw the bums out” and shift the US Congress to a more conservative balance, I would not expect Bill Nelson to lose his seat any time soon. He has yet to sufficently annoy the citizens of Florida, most of whom have a long list of more immediate grevances.

Tom notes:

EVERY time I hear Obama talk about “fairness” – in the tax code, bailouts, and now, yesterday, regarding energy “regulation” – all I can think of is yelling “LIFE isn’t about fairness” O!

If life were fair, the inexperienced, basically unemployable, and overwhelmingly shallow Obama would never have triumped over John McCain – who, for all his faults, was an experienced legislator and a genuine American war hero. Obama has thrived on the unfairness in the system throughout his career. He ought to stop talking about it.

Thanks for letting me vent.


  • Reader and friend of the blog Joel Engel is out with a new book, L.A. ’56: A Devil in the City of Angels.  Check it out on Amazon.
  • What do you know about Chris Fields running against Keith Ellison in MN-05? (h/t Tammy)
  • Linda: “Prof, for what it’s worth, it would appear that your bumper sticker posts are bring targeted by troll comments.” Yeah, I noticed.
  • John sets the story straight about Tim Tebow being booed: “Tebow was not booed. Dwayne Wade was loudly booed, until he whipped out the Yankee cap. I will admit there was no tremendous cheer for Tebow, but that was because they only showed him seated next to Wade.”


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This reader rather click Like on ‘Legalinsurrection Appreciation Night’ 🙂

LukeHandCool | April 28, 2012 at 8:18 pm

I work for LAPD so I’ve got to get Joel’s book!

A few months ago, I was talking to a Filipino woman I work with and she was telling me about a cop she went out with once when she worked at one of the traffic divisions a long time ago.

She said he had heard it was her birthday and he asked her to dinner (she found out later he was married). During dinner, he told her to close her eyes and “she’d get a surprise.” She said it was a horrible date (the first and last) and some time later she heard he’d been arrested for receiving stolen property. I googled his name while she was telling me the story … and informed her that it had gone way beyond that … she’d dated a murderer.

I kid her about it all the time now. A book was written about him:

    OMG =:O I’ll definitely check out that book!

    Two of my friends, a Philly cop & a writer, co-wrote a book called ONLY SON:

    Cassandra Lite in reply to LukeHandCool. | April 29, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    You’ll have to tell me if you do read it. I was on Patt Morrison’s KPCC radio show two weeks ago, just after Chief Beck. He walked out of the studio with the book under his arm. Would love to know what he thought. And you, too.

      LukeHandCool in reply to Cassandra Lite. | April 30, 2012 at 12:06 am

      Sure thing, Cassandra!

      I’ve got a lot of reading to do this summer. I’m working towards taking the CPA exam so between work and school and reading LI … I have no time for any free reading! Summer can’t get here soon enough!

      Give us a heads up next time you’re on the radio!

      LukeHandCool in reply to Cassandra Lite. | April 30, 2012 at 2:00 am


      It just dawned on me you might go by the name, “Joel.”

      I really look forward to reading your book (which I’ll buy through LI, of course).

      I just told the Filipino lady, whom I mentioned before, about it (I’m working with her right now here tonight). She’s going to get a copy, too.

      Best of luck with the book!

      Got to get back to work. I’ve got a city to protect! 🙂

StrangernFiction | April 28, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Bill Nelson’s lifetime NTU rating = 16
Bernie Sanders’s lifetime NTU rating = 10

Bill Nelson’s lifetime rating with the Club for Growth = 14
Bernie Sanders’s lifetime rating with the Club for Growth = 8

Six points better than a self-proclaimed socialist. If he hasn’t sufficiently annoyed the citizens of Florida it is because the average Floridian is clueless.

    I think “Anne” is correct that Nelson’s personality and background as an astronaut has carried him across the finish line in all his elections to date. BUT his votes for the Obama agenda may now catch up with him. Particularly ObamaCare and its raid on Medicare may be costly in Florida.

I guess I’m in good company!

I’m a long time Florida resident and Bill Nelson has continually managed to sufficiently annoy me.

I don’t see how any conservative cannot vote against a liberal Democrat, no matter what other grievances they may have (which are primarily caused by liberal Democrats).

Nelson is not some moderate blue dog – they’re extinct (if they really ever existed).

“Reader Anne” (along with, apparently, her entire family) is a perfect example of the cluelessness of otherwise relatively informed citizens. Anne, that is the exact attitude that gave us years of the likes of Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, now Harry Reid, etc. The excuse that, well, we don’t like his politics, but he’s a good guy and he’s good for OUR state.

Selfish and short sighted. You should all be ashamed of yourselves as conservatives for EVER voting for Bill Nelson.

To the second email:

Of course life is about fairness. Life itself isn’t fair, but we try to make it more fair.

Hell, the idea that ‘inalienable rights’ include ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ is a very basic concept of fairness….and were a whole lot fairer than any conception that had come along before.

There is nothing about ‘fairness’ that says McCain should have won because it was more ‘fair’.

War hero is a nice term, but it used to be applied to actual heroes, not people who got shot down and spent years as a prisoner. Not to pick on McCain, but the definition of ‘war hero’ has been dumbed down a lot over the decades.

And we are not electing ‘war heroes’ to be fair. Being a ‘war hero’ is not some kind of automatic qualification to be president.

And now, in 2012, if you define ‘fair’ as ‘most experienced’, then as a guy running for the most important government job in the world, Obama should get your vote. After all, Romney’s experience as a public servant is one term as governor, and he didn’t run for re-election because he’d lose. Not a lot of experience.

At this point, if you are going to say that relevant experience matters, then I guess you have to vote for Obama.

    G Joubert in reply to Harlan. | April 29, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    I don’t know where to start. I believe I disagree with every single thing you say. “Of course life is about fairness. Life itself isn’t fair, but we try to make it more fair.” Who does? We make our own breaks. We oughtn’t be looking to Uncle Sugar for that. And we ought to have a personal code of ethics (religiously based or otherwise)to guide us in our dealings with others. But short of crimes, government butt out.

sportinlife10 | April 29, 2012 at 8:54 am

Almost anyone is better than Ellison; he’s the first to whine publicly and shed crocdile tears everytime someone could possibly say anything negative about the Religion of Peace. CAIR paid for his trip to Mecca; at first he denied it, found out, he grudgingly admitted, now pretends it never happened.
His is the face of American Islam, and that’s not a compliment.

Re Tom and unfairness:

Our “post-racial” President has made the country more divided than it’s been in decades. The Left’s Ben Tre logic: it is necessary to increase unfairness in order to end it.

My complaint with Nelson is that whenever an issue comes up, Nelson will grunt and groan and tell us how difficult the decision is, but, voila, the solution becomes clear to him: vote however Harry Reid wants.

Even when he was Insurance Commissioner, he was as unctions as an undertaker. He has not improved.

A couple years ago, he was all concerned about the damage from the Chinese drywall. Nelson made trips to Cape Coral and Lee County to “listen to the problem”. As far as I can tell, when he finished listening he went back to Washington and forgot about it.

I, for one, support Lemieux who was reliably conservative when he was in the Senate. Hopefully, after the primary is settled and the campaigns begin in earnest, Nelson’s votes will be held against him.