No one could have seen this coming.

Via The Jerusalem Post:

Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank arrested over the weekend a Palestinian blogger who launched a Facebook campaign under the title “The people want an end to corruption.”

The arrest of Jamal Abu Rihan is part of a clampdown by the PA government against Facebook users, bloggers and journalists who criticize the PA leadership or expose corruption….

A PA security source said that Abu Rihan, who has been ordered held in custody for 15 days, will be charged with “extending his tongue” against the PA and its leaders.

Voicing outrage over the arrest, scores of Palestinian journalists staged a demonstration in the center of Ramallah over the weekend to demand the release of Abu Rihan.

The journalists said that the ongoing crackdown on Facebook users, bloggers and journalists in the West Bank was aimed at intimidating the press and deterring others from criticizing PA leaders….

The PA is using a 50-year-old Jordanian law that bans “extending one’s tongue” against the monarch to justify the crackdown.

So the PA seeks to cut off those extending their tongues from social media.

Don’t tell Glenn Greenwald, he’ll have to accuse the PA of perpetuating “overtly racist” stereotypes.  And don’t tell John Podhoretz, either, or he may do it again.

But most of all, definitely don’t tell David Letterman.  It will bring back bad memories.