Flytilla 2012 is another stunt in which anti-Israeli activists from Western countries will attempt the air equivalent of the Gaza Flotilla, arriving en masse at Israel’s Ben Gurian airport, ostensibly to make their way to the West Bank.

In reality, it is a publicity stunt done in the hope that hundreds of screaming internationalists could create a made-for-YouTube scene.

As Israel Matzav reported the other day, the protest is scheduled for one of the busiest travel days in Israel:

This Sunday is one of the busiest travel days of the year at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. It’s the day after Passover (Passover for Israelis actually ends on Friday, but the country’s national airline doesn’t fly on the Sabbath, and the airport runs a very limited Saturday schedule, so de facto, Sunday will be one of the busiest travel days of the year).

Pro-‘Palestinian’ ‘activists’ have chosen Sunday for Flytilla 2, an event that crash landed last year after hundreds of Europeans were denied boarding by airports around Europe. According to Israel Television, the ‘activists’ believe that this year they will be allowed to board because last year the airlines had to pay them compensation (it’s not clear to me whether that was any more than a refund of the ticket prices).

But Israel is having none of it, and has passed out lists of participants to airlines, informing the airlines that such people will be denied entry.  In turn, airlines are cancelling tickets:

German airline Lufthansa canceled the tickets of dozens of pro-Palestinian activists scheduled to fly to Tel Aviv on Sunday as part of a mass fly-in dubbed “Welcome to Palestine,” the organizers said Friday.

“Dozens of passengers who bought a plane ticket to travel to Tel Aviv on Sunday, April 15, were notified Thursday by Lufthansa that their reservation was canceled at the behest of Israel,” they said in a statement.

Jet2 airlines also has cancelled tickets.

Too bad.