The Special Prosecutor in Florida just announced that she will not take the case to the Grand Jury which was expected to start this week:

The Florida special prosecutor investigating the Trayvon Martin shooting has decided not to use a grand jury, but says that should not be considered a factor in her final determination of the case.

The office of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey announced the decision this morning in a statement, USA TODAY’s Marisol Bello reports. Gov. Rick Scott appointed Corey as the special prosecutor on March 22.

She said at the outset that she might well forego using a grand jury.

The grand jury that had been set to convene April 10 had been called for by the former prosecutor in the case.

Via The Miami Herald:

In Florida, the decision on whether to indict someone in capital cases must be made by a grand jury. In all lesser cases the decision to file charges are routinely made by prosecutors. But in highly controversial or difficult cases, prosecutors often defer to a grand jury, leaving the politically charged decision to a panel of citizens

Corey’s office pointed out that the decision not to take the case to a grand jury should not be taken as an indication of which way she’s going to decide.

“The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case,” her office said in a release.


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