With Olympia Snowe retiring, this race seems particularly unpredictable with a strong third party showing from the former Governor, via The Hill:

Democrats looking to replace retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) in Maine have a delicate decision to make.

If they back independent former Gov. Angus King, who stands the best chance at winning, they risk the appearance of having abandoned their own party’s candidates.
But if they support one of the four Democrats competing in the primary, they risk siphoning votes away from King and handing the seat back to Republicans.

Looming over the race is the lingering question about which party King will caucus with if elected to the Senate. King has steadfastly refused to say with which party he’ll cast his lot, a silence that some of his opponents claim deprives voters of the information they need to cast an informed ballot.

But both Democrats and Republicans seem to agree that when push comes to shove, King is likely to side with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

King is doing better than others with fundraising, but the situation is confused because of Snowe’s late retirement announcement.

Anyone out there who has insight into the Maine situation?  Help!