It always ends badly:

A commenter using the pseudonym “Milwaukeean” has been active here for the past couple of weeks regarding the various court and other disputes in Wisconsin.

Milwaukeean didn’t seem to cross the line from dissenter to troll, made some good points at times, and often argued against my position and the position of other readers.  That’s fine.

Unlike some blogs, we don’t screen people out — much less go back and delete their comment histories — just because we disagree.  If all you do is name calling, you will not be put through, but dissent is patriotic here.

But these sort of commenters always seem to end badly, in a flurry of name-calling and self-righteous indignation.

It still always ends badly:

Jimbo3:  It was very clear that Rosen was talking economic issues, if you bothered to listen to her comments.  And Ann does not understand what it’s like for most Americans who aren’t married to someone with several hundred millions in net assets.

It’s too bad you’re such a filthy liar, Professor.  Who does pay you to lie for the GOP, and how much do you get paid?


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