I’d rather sit in the dark.

That’s my sense of today:

  • Secret Service agent scandal gets worse with allegations of cocaine use, and here is a headline which tells us this drama will play out for a while: Escort Recounts Quarrel With Secret Service Agent.
  • Image of the Day, via @iowahawkblog.
  • State Dept official allegedly, allegedly, got something on the roof of the Baghdad embassy, and there are videos.
  • Tina Brown, who has done as much as anyone to cheapen and diminish journalism, attacks Andrew Breitbart.  Brown’s recitation of the Shirley Sherrod tape typically is misinformed and wrong.
  • Dewhurst must be really, really worried about Ted Cruz to put up a website like this one.  I may have to endorse Cruz, not that it will make a difference.
  • Blowing oneself up into pieces is just another day.  Soldiers getting photographed with those pieces is an outrage, apparently (and generates a lot of web traffic for the newspaper publishing the photos).
  • Taunting soldiers and trying to provoke a reaction is just another day, but when one is provoked and pushes back with a rifle butt (that’s pushes, not swings or shoots), it is an outrage apparently (and generates a lot of web coverage for the taunter).
  • This doesn’t look right to me, maybe staged; the people hitting the piñata  look too young to be in college.
  • Greg Sargent wants Dem donors to wake the hell up, because Obama may not be the billion dollar candidate after all.
  • But, have hope, there is light:

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