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If a War on Women falls in the forest …

If a War on Women falls in the forest …

There is a war on women, but they will not talk about it in the media, academia, or in politics (h/t HotAir):

So: Yes, women all over the world have problems; yes, the United States has yet to elect a female president; and yes, women continue to be objectified in many “Western” countries (I live in one of them). That’s where the conversation usually ends when you try to discuss why Arab societies hate women.

But let’s put aside what the United States does or doesn’t do to women. Name me an Arab country, and I’ll recite a litany of abuses fueled by a toxic mix of culture and religion that few seem willing or able to disentangle lest they blaspheme or offend.

There is no war on women, but they talk about it incessantly (h/t Dr. Helen via Instapundit):

We have no way of knowing who will win the “war on women” political debate  now topping broadcasts and newspaper pages. But with great certainty, we can  identify the losers in this battle: boys.

Contrary to what you hear in the political campaign broadsides, females are  actually doing pretty well. In our elementary, middle and high schools, they  earn the best grades, win most of the academic prizes, get suspended less and  graduate at very high rates. That success helps explain why women currently  dominate higher education, with many college campuses spilling over the 60%  female threshold.

Workforce trends favoring women continue to rain down, with record numbers  of women in the workforce. Well-educated women living in large cities out-earn  their male counterparts. Their biggest challenge: finding equally educated males  to marry.

There is a war on women and the media loves it (h/t Gaspar in Tip Line):

Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace’s “We’re having a Tea-parady” is a screaming Sarah Palin head on display at the Bridgeport Art Center.

The sculpture, called “We’re Havin’ a Tea Pear-ody,” doubles as a working stove, and at 5 p.m. Friday, it will cook a whole suckling pig, which will be roasted right in the mouth. The smoke from the roasting process will billow from the sculpture’s head, which is adorned with hair ratted up in a high bun just like the real Palin.


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Obama keeps ginning up these “War On [blank]” wedges. They seem to keep back-firing very nicely.

Obama made it worse. Even his election chances.

Well, as one of those recovering women democrat, I have to say, the war on women I see if from the demorats, not the repubs.
I always thought it was the republicans, mainly because it revolved about pro-life, pro-choice issues, but the vile sexist crap thrown at Palin, and other conservative women has shown me just how vile and disgusting the left is. Heck they did to Hillary in 2008, going after Palin is nothing to them.
dear DNC, please keep up your sexist vileness, you are the “party of women”, so you say. War on intelligence of independent minded voters is more accurate imho.

LukeHandCool | April 23, 2012 at 9:44 pm

Men in the Middle East could be eating women and transporting them atop their cars in dog carriers and our media would largely ignore it, unless it was being done in Israel.

only 5 points behind for women, in this new poll. And I would be willing to surmise that it will be running even with more outreach from Ann and other women romney surrogates.

Santorum I cannot stand, but with Romney I always saw him as a strong pro-ponent of women, working outside the home or not.

“…just like the real Palin.”

They have no idea what this means. There is no “real” Palin to these people — no actual composite of flesh and blood, no semblance of humanity, no fellow human being with a real history and existence worth dignity or dignified critique. Instead they see only a thing, a phantom projected from their fevered conceits, an image of terror formed in the constant tribal fire at the center of their collectivist tribal minds.

So it is in one degree or another with all those who threaten the Left — dehumanization and demonization in proportion to the threat. Conservative women and conservative blacks simply represent the greatest threats.
So they become caricatures, or “c*nts”.

It is all a war, always has been a war, always will be. They will not accept co-existence with us.

I do not understand how insulting voters is going to win an election for any candidate. If I am of the tea party persuasion and you call me a “tea bagger”, you have lost my vote permanently. I thought the a process of campaigning was to woe voters. You do not do that by alienating them.

    Milhouse in reply to kay. | April 23, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    1. They don’t realise that the TEA Party movement has actual supporters who could potentially be persuaded to vote for them. They think of the TEA Party as a small group of rabid racists and ideologues, and the appearance it gives of being a mass movement is just PR. They know so well how to manufacture “grass roots”, and have so much experience doing so, that they don’t believe the real thing actually exists; they naturally assume that we are playing the same game as them. Like the way professional magicians are the biggest skeptics of anyone who claims actual magical powers.

    2. They don’t realise that we take “tea bagger” as an insult. They keep insisting that we adopted this name for ourselves, and they’re just repeating it. And a lot of them have heard this BS line so often that they believe it.

The Insta-wife hits the target. Excellent!

BannedbytheGuardian | April 23, 2012 at 11:28 pm

If they keep this up Chicago will be no more.

Now they are on an easter Island thing where they haul great clods of earth to make godlike fire breathing edifices to pray to & offer sacrifices. Pigs today babies tomorrow-or will it be dogs?

Chicago & all its corruption will sink into the lake.

It is a good thing.

1. Here is an example of how feeble the Left’s smears have become.

2. Things have been going really well lately. If the trend continues, the (relatively) good guys will win in a walk.

3. Today the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 respectively fell below 13K, #k, and 1400. As of this writing, Obama’s Intrade chances have inched below 60%.

4. Call me a dour John Derbyshire conservative if you wish, but I do not expect a cakewalk.

[…] hold it. Without giving too much away, there theme will correspond to countering the false “War on Women” meme and highlight the fact that the TEA PARTY IS AMERICA’S GREATEST FEMINIST […]

Ha! They hate us because we are right and they are wrong and there is nothing they can do to salvage their failed ideology.

There is no war on women…

This false narrative is bolstered by liberals attempt to inject European values of “equality” into US founding documents other than by the values established by our Founding Fathers idea of self-evident equality before God and the Law.

Since we know government doesn’t “create opportunity” these efforts to promote fairness … emerges through congress as “legislated equality” or “special rights” for minorities and women … insert (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) any supposed victim group.

It is unjust to legislate special rights for certain groups of people, such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. It should be noted that using machinations of government to force equality, to legislate equality is discriminatory to the only group not included, which is the white male.

Liberals create these false “equality” narratives as a basis of objection to funding cuts to programs and government initiatives that have NO basis in US founding documents for government intervention.
To cut funding is racist, misogynist etc.

-I’ll be interested to see where this effort to create “animal rights” goes, essentially securing the white males position on the “rights totem pole” below that of the family dog.

The Left says there is a War On Women…to which I agree. There is.

Unfortunate for the left winger who keeps repeating this week’s meme, the more they say this, the more the demonstrate their complete lack of understanding of geography. This war they tell us about takes place in countries which idolize a mentally imbalance pedophile, and believe Sharia law reigns supreme.

As for reality, it should be called “war on wages”, “war on my wallet”, or maybe even “taxation terrorism”

DocWahala, is looking past Nov 6, and fears the Left’s words are going to lead to a fight they don’t expect.

Juba Doobai! | April 24, 2012 at 8:39 am

See, that’s the mistake we women make, no wonder we don’t find husbands. Don’t look for a man equally educated cuz he’s likely unable to do jack besides talk and be resentful cuz he may not be making a lot of money these days. Look for a principled man who’s good with his hands and can think. None of that needs a college degree.