Via Jerusalem Post:

Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch told reporters at the airport Sunday, “As you can see, things are working normally at Ben-Gurion.”

The minister said the attempts by pro-Palestinian activists to enter Israel as part of the “flytilla” protest were still at their peak and praised police for enabling the airport to function normally on one of its busiest days.

He also praised European countries and airlines for refusing to allow hundreds of activists to board aircraft bound for Israel.

But rioters gotta riot:

While Ben Gurion Airport has remained relatively calm Sunday despite the declaration of a “flytilla” by anti-Israel activists, large protests have been taking place in airports in Europe, notably in Paris and Brussels. Large groups of leftists who planned to enter Israel and disturb normal operations at Ben Gurion Airport have been banned from flying, and they are making their dissatisfaction known at the airports where they are not being permitted to board planes.

Dozens of anarchists rioted in both Brussels and Paris at being denied boarding passes on flights to Israel. Both British Airways and Lufthansa canceled the reservations of over 400 passengers that Israel said it would not admit. Leftist groups sponsoring the flytilla said they would sue the airlines over the cancellations.

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