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Dick Lugar flailing with false tax accusations against Richard Mourdock

Dick Lugar flailing with false tax accusations against Richard Mourdock

The Indiana Republican primary is moving against Richard Lugar, and now his campaign and SuperPAC are getting desperate, running false ads against Richard Mourdock claiming Mourdock cheated on taxes.

Matt Lewis at The Daily Caller explored the falsehood yesterday:

In what appears a pathetic last gasp at power, both Lugar and a SuperPAC called the  American Action Network are running 30-second TV spots alleging that  Mourdock received “$45,000 in illegal second homestead tax deductions.”

There’s just one problem: Mourdock’s campaign has documented that the tax  error was made by the Marion County Auditor’s Office — “who accepted  responsibility for making a clerical mistake.” What is more, the paperwork in question  was filed by a prior owner, not by Mourdock.

In this interview (sorry, no embed available) by a local television news station Mourdock explains the falsity of Lugar’s attacks:

“I reported it to them,” said Mourdock. “They noted in their files that it was not the taxpayer’s mistake. It was their mistake. When I brought it to their attention, they told me I didn’t owe any back taxes. I said that’s not good enough. They said I should pay two years, and I said, ‘No, let’s go back the full time,’ and I paid three years back taxes after I corrected their error.”

Just yesterday a poll commissioned by the Mourdock campaign among likely Republican voters showed a virtual dead heat, with Mourdock slightly in the lead.

Dick Lugar is beatable, but those in Indiana who know him also know that he is not the gentleman-politician he purports to be:

I’ve warned people who read this blog that history tells us that the real Dick Lugar has run some of the dirtiest campaigns of any politician in this state’s history whenever he has faced a difficult race. Proving once again how low he will stoop, Lugar is accusing Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock of homestead exemption fraud.

These next three weeks are critical.  Lugar plans on trotting out ads by John McCain and Mitch Daniels in the hope of reversing the momentum.

A defeat of Lugar will signal that the Tea Party and conservative movements are not dead, and that it is time for the Republican Senator who helped Barack Obama get elected to retire.

Support Mourdock and make a difference when it matters.  I just did.


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‘No, let’s go back the full time,’ and I paid three years back taxes after I corrected their error.”

Um…and just how much was Mr. Lugar paying in property taxes in Indiana…

where he doesn’t maintain a home…

during the same period?

The noise in the background that you hear is the death rattle of Lugar’s campaign.

Buh Bye!

DINORightMarie | April 19, 2012 at 9:41 am

Mourdock needs to take this commercial on Dick Lugar and trim it down to 30 seconds……then BLAST it from now until the primary. Also, a radio version of this needs to be made, then looped on all radio stations possible. Flood the air waves with the TRUTH about Dick Lugar.

If everybody in Indiana knows the FACTS about Lugar, he will be finished; he can retire on his cushy Senate pension.

Food for thought: this type of TRUTH campaign may tarnish Mich Daniels, too, given that he has come out in support of Lugar. If he’s so darn Conservative, why is he siding with the RINO establishment squish……unless it is “birds of a feather” (sorry about any mixed metaphors – more coffee needed).

Time for a Conservative Republican Senator in Indiana!!

Let’s have those John McCain ads now! I cannot think of a bigger boost for Mourdock than McCain talking up Lugar.

As for Mini-Mitch, Hoosier conservatives know him to fiscally conservative only. The governor’s adventures into renewable energy hanging onto the coattails of some capitalists with questionable ethics has turned out to be costly on our utility bill. Conservatives who have bothered to read-up on the man know this … and the answer is no, I do not want him to be our VP candidate.

“that he is not the gentleman-politician he purports to be…”

None is. Bennett, Specter, Hatch and the rest — underneath the august wrappings they’re power-crazed painted old whores propped up on their plush divans in the great Washington whorehouse making their deals with the devil until they croak (when they get battleships and buildings named after them). How dare anyone question or challenge their eternal entitlement to power, their lifetime elitist sinecure! Look at them — see how they all crouch and snarl when their power is threatened, like defrocked Sarumans. They are not even Americans anymore, but some decadent hybrid of monarchial presumption and sick democratic simulation.

Rout them all!

southcentralpa | April 19, 2012 at 11:00 am

So, he’s perfectly agreeable so long as he gets everything he wants (using our money, of course). Sounds like he should be a Donk…

Certainly with John McCain running to rescue Lugar will be the death nail in his coffin (or should be). Mitch Daniels should stay out of it, if he wants to remain Governor.

All these RINOS need to be gotten rid of and I hope Mr. Mourdock is successful in defeat.

Will send another small donation tonight (wish it could be a big donation, but….).

The stench of desperation permeates the Lugar campaign.

huskers-for-palin | April 19, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Only way you’ll get noticed by the GOPe and RINOs is take them out in the primaries.

Once or twice: Just the cost of doing business

Make it a bi-yearly habit: They’ll get a clue

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