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Depends on the meaning of “the rights of women everywhere”

Depends on the meaning of “the rights of women everywhere”

Hilary Rosen last night:

Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life.”

Hilary Rosen September 4, 2008:

And what about the argument that [Sarah Palin] is a negligent mother who will be distracted from her important role? I am a mother who constantly feels the pressure from others about whether I am fit to be a parent, whether I put my kids first often enough and whether my children get enough of my attention. Who has the right to judge my family?

My grandmother always said, “You can’t tell time on someone else’s clock.” Judgments about people’s personal lives are better left unsaid and unrealized.

Hilary Rosen last month:

“We are proud to provide pro-bono support to Sandra Fluke, an incredibly courageous young woman who is standing up for the rights of women everywhere in the face of sustained, personal attacks. This week, we began helping Sandra, a full-time law student, manage the enormous volume of incoming media requests that came to a head when she was publicly disparaged for advocating for contraception coverage. We were first connected to Sandra through one of her personal friends who came to us seeking our assistance. I am proud of our staff for donating their time and energy to work with Sandra during this important and difficult time.” – Hilary Rosen, Managing Partner, SKDKnickerbocker


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Rosen is obviously nothing more than a shill, thanks for laying it out so clearly.

But really, the person that needs to pay a price for this is Anderson Cooper, he brought her on the show, and he let her get away with what she did.

Does anyone honestly think a Republican hack could have tried the same criticisms against John Edwards’ wife back when he was a candidate? That person would have been brow beaten off the air and declared persona non grata by all the networks.

Cooper sat there, knowing full well what she was and what she was doing, yet did nothing but egg it on.

    Neo in reply to ThomasD. | April 12, 2012 at 11:28 am

    In 2008, Rosen derided Republican attacks against Michelle Obama as an example as “stupid strategy.”

    “You know essentially, you’ve taken on sort of the most sympathetic person in the candidate’s realm, the wife, who is taking care of the children, supporting the husband, doing everything she can because she loves him,” Rosen said on Anderson Cooper 360 according to a CNN transcript from May 19, 2008.

[…] FLIPFLOPS: Hilary Rosen: Against Working Moms When They’re Republican; Also Against Stay-At-Home Moms Whe… […]

“has never worked a day in her life”

The same could be said of Fat Boy Ted Kennedy.

And of every other career politician and bureaucrat.

The Presidential campaign has begun!

Hilary Rosen’s next book: “How to lose a Democrat Ploy in 11 Words or Less” and her memoir: “11 Words I Wish I Could Take Back”

Thanks Hilary for showing America the true war on women 🙂

…she was publicly disparaged for advocating for contraception coverage.

Well, you have to admit, that does sound a lot better (truthier?) than, “…publicly disparaged for advocating the power of the State to violate and render null the First Amendment rights of private institutions.

SoCA Conservative Mom | April 12, 2012 at 10:58 am

Her comments are all part of devaluing women who stay at home to raise kids. What could women who stay at home to raise kids know about economics, access to medical care, and a host of other topics? Not to mention that many of us hold advanced degrees and left professional careers to raise our families. I guess the DNC believes only uneducated women without functioning brain cells stay at home to raise their children. She intended to sideline Ann Romney, but she may just have angered stay at home moms enough to become more active.

    You nailed it!

    theduchessofkitty in reply to SoCA Conservative Mom. | April 12, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    “[B]ut she may just have angered stay at home moms enough to become more active.”

    She surely p***ed this SAHM enough to tell her SAHM neighbors and friends about this outrage.

    (And I have plenty of those to tell it to… even at least one Mormon…)

    LukeHandCool in reply to SoCA Conservative Mom. | April 12, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Come on, ladies. We all know that raising kids is as easy as giving birth. 🙂

    LukeHandCool (who, when he witnessed the miracle of life while watching his wife give birth to his children, despite his wife’s cries and moans of sheer and utter pain, he seemed to enter a buddhism-like state of nirvana. How else to explain the repetitive, hours-long chanting in his head of, “Thank God I wasn’t born a girl … Thank God I wasn’t born a girl … Thank God I wasn’t born a girl …”

      theduchessofkitty in reply to LukeHandCool. | April 12, 2012 at 1:30 pm

      When your water breaks and spreads all over the kitchen floor in less than three seconds, let me know…


      But seriously, thanks! 🙂

        LukeHandCool in reply to theduchessofkitty. | April 12, 2012 at 2:57 pm


        The day our son was born, things started off looking easy and fortuitous.

        At the hospital we were given a beautiful room sponsored/donated by Steven Spielberg and his wife Amy Irving in the name of their son, Max … the same name we had chosen for our son. As I read this little plaque on the wall, I told my wife it meant things were going to be a breeze.

        Our doctor’s office was only five minutes from the hospital and the nurse said they’d call him when it was time.

        The time came … and so did the pain … and the nurse came with the troubling news that she’d just spoken to our doctor on the phone and, after saying he’d come right away, he called her back and said he had a sudden emergency and probably wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time.

        I was trying to fathom this when a couple of interns came in, one a boy, one a girl, who both looked too young to have graduated from high school. The boy, looking extremely nervous, sat before my wife and started yelling, “Push!” while he dramatically held his hands out like a quarterback waiting to take a snap, even though the top of our son’s head was barely visible.

        All I could think was, “You have to be kidding me. How did things wind up like this?”

        I was in a daze and don’t know how long this comedy sketch had transpired when a nurse came in and told us the doctor had called again and was now on his way.

        Dr. Ferris Bueller either didn’t hear this news because he was so nervous, or he was now intent on delivering his first baby as he continued to yell, “Push!”

        Thank God for the Japanese language. I knew the young man was only trying his best, and, for all he knew, when I spoke to my wife in Japanese when he exhorted, “Push!” I was trying to comfort her … when actually I was saying, “Don’t push! The doctor will be here in a couple of minutes!”

        My wife sweetly responded to me in Japanese during this miracle-of-birth moment, “Of course I’m not pushing, stupid! I’m just pretending to!”

        The doctor arrived and delivered our son as he told us how, on his way to deliver our son the first time, when the elevator doors in his office opened, out walked one of his patients in the process of giving birth. He got her into his office and delivered the baby as the mother lay on top of his desk. In his 26 years as a doctor, that was the first time for that, he told us. What a lucky day!

Amazing! Hillary Rosen has done more to help the Republican cause than she realizes.

The wrath of Axelrod proves this.

The left is their own worst enemy.

Words from Hilary Rosen. “I am a mother”. Yes, yes you are Rosen.

    Johneurope in reply to JP. | April 13, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Quote Hillary Rosen

    “Iam a mother”

    You are 100 percent correct

    All please feel free to use her quote, note it is her quote..

listingstarboard | April 12, 2012 at 11:31 am

What a peachy little outfit SKDKnickerbocker is–Anita Dunn and this beast promoting the completely false “Game Change” , Promoting the faux struggling student Sandra Fluke and now this. Wonder who funds this lovely group?

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The first dust-up of the 2012 campaign for President – and the winner goes to the Romney campaign. For making Ann Romney a sympathetic figure. Not that she isn’t, but the Obama folks gave her an opening.

    There is absolutely nothing that could get me to rally around these corrupt elitists, nothing!

    Independents have no allegiance to the corrupt Republican party.

    Reagan attracted us because he advocated bold colors not pale pastels.

    This is merely a ruse to rally the base to get in line and vote for Etch-a-sketch.

    You corrupt Bush-wacking Romneybots are so transparent.

    Obama is re-elected thanks to you. It’s a shame.

    Anybody can beat Obama. Anybody except for this loser.

    And they said Palin was stupid. Republicans are commonly referred to as the stupid party for a reason. LOL!

OUT: Soccer Moms.

IN: Slacker Moms.

OUT: Hard-working professional HBO comedians calling GOP women c*nts.

IN: Hard-working professional communications executives struggling to explain that the address of the devil’s workshop is the house where the multiple-sclerosis battling, cancer-surviving mother who raised five testosterone-fueled, injury-prone, rough-housing, dirt-tracking, future tax payers lives.

    9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to LukeHandCool. | April 12, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    “…five testosterone-fueled, injury-prone, rough-housing, dirt-tracking, future tax payers…” who, as a physician, three Harvard MBAs and a fifth college graduate, pay at the confiscatory “1 percent” rates. So really, Rosen should be thrilled that there has been so much more income to redistribute….

      LukeHandCool in reply to 9thDistrictNeighbor. | April 12, 2012 at 5:09 pm

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, 9thDistrictNeighbor.

      LukeHandCool (who, if he had been brought up on charges of letting his babies crawl around in poo-poo diapers until his wife came home from the supermarket, only to ask, as he helped carry the groceries in, “Hey, do you smell something?” …. he would simply plead guilty … to numerous counts …. guilty of having an oversensitive gag reflex … it’s not his fault … and … women love to change diapers anyway).

Think Progress has a history of not thinking before it progresses.

Ms. Rosen just wishes she was Mrs. Romney…

The green eyed monster has reared its head!

Ms. Rosen has just riled up a sector of the population that has had it with being put down, stay-at-home-Moms. I was and still am one of those, except that I was fortunate enough to be able to work from home while raising my children and now helping out with grandchildren, and believe me, it was NO walk in the park. I dare all the Ms. Rosens out there to continue to diss stay-at-home moms (whether or not they chose to exclusively take care of their families or to combine this with work).

People, puhleez. It makes no sense to discuss rational, logic-based, or evidence-based, or common sense-based, or even decency and civility-based counter arguments when dealing with this species of leftist. To these leftists republicans are NOT human. Leftists view the world through a lens of power. If you stand in the way of them acquiring power, you must be destroyed. PERIOD. You see how fast Axelrod disavowed her….it was ONLY because she is interfering (however momentarily) with his quest for power. Five minutes from now when she can help him destroy some other person who is obstructing Axelrod’s path to power, he will GLADLY welcome her back…no qualms or questions asked.

The ONLY way to deal with people like this is to have snappy ridicule ready to unload on her in a nanosecond when she says disgusting things like this. e.g. “What you meant to say was that YOU have never worked an honest day in your life.” Or, “Thank you for demonstrating cruelty of the modern Democratic party. I would think that as a woman and as a human being, you would celebrate this woman’s CHOICE to raise her children rather than slaughter them in the womb…”

Long story short, the vast majority of the left is not persuaded by appeals to principles or values. They respond solely to the will to power.

[…] to Hilary Rosen for unwittingly providing everyone a platform to discuss the rights of women. Lola, currently at large, pipes in with her solid gold two cents: “Obama’s history is […]

[…] Hilary Rosen was behind Sandra “I demand free contraception in college” Fluke. […]

[…] Hilary Rosen was behind Sandra "I demand free contraception in college" Fluke. […]

I really feel sorry for Barry if this Rosen clown is the best shill he’s got.

theduchessofkitty | April 12, 2012 at 2:04 pm

I absolutely love what The Anchoress said here:

“Rosen wants to serve the Obama campaign’s determined efforts at class-warfare. She wants to portray Ann Romney as out-of-touch and elitist — a woman who could luxuriate in staying at home to raise her own children because she’s rich — but in doing so, she completely denigrates those of us who sacrificed in order to raise our kids; she denigrates all the at-home mothers whose names are on file with the school nurse as the “Emergency Contact” for the kids with working/traveling moms. She denigrates the at-home mothers who often — while driving a van full of kids, not all her own, to and from practices and lessons — act almost as part-time wives for the likes of Rosen. What a bunch of “nice ladies” with “nice children” and empty pretty heads. If Rosen were a man, she’d be a chauvinist pig.”

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt!

[…] By the way– Sandra Fluke? Hilary Rosen’s PR firm represents her. […]

This could be a really FUN campaign going into the home stretch…

GREAT idea on the Dem side to rile up the SAHM brigade – wonder how long it’ll be before they are able to dig themselves out of that pile-up?

It’s only “work” when it’s taking care of someone else’s children?

I would think that a whole lot of Democrat women would be up in arms. Wasn’t the original theory behind welfare many years ago (when it was seen as mostly help for widowed and abandoned mothers) that the women were working taking care of their families, so couldn’t be expected to also be employed, that they couldn’t be in two places at once, and that someone had to be there to care for the children?

Here’s more blow-back. Written by a former media of the Philly media. She doesn’t take kindly to the comments by Rosen.

[…] Hilary Rosen: “We are proud to provide pro-bono support to Sandra Fluke. . .” […]

[…] By the way– Sandra Fluke? Hilary Rosen’s PR firm represents her. […]

Why aren’t we talking about Obama’s miserable record of failure?

[…] By the way — Sandra Fluke? Hilary Rosen’s PR firm represents her. […]