Hilary Rosen last night:

Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life.”

Hilary Rosen September 4, 2008:

And what about the argument that [Sarah Palin] is a negligent mother who will be distracted from her important role? I am a mother who constantly feels the pressure from others about whether I am fit to be a parent, whether I put my kids first often enough and whether my children get enough of my attention. Who has the right to judge my family?

My grandmother always said, “You can’t tell time on someone else’s clock.” Judgments about people’s personal lives are better left unsaid and unrealized.

Hilary Rosen last month:

“We are proud to provide pro-bono support to Sandra Fluke, an incredibly courageous young woman who is standing up for the rights of women everywhere in the face of sustained, personal attacks. This week, we began helping Sandra, a full-time law student, manage the enormous volume of incoming media requests that came to a head when she was publicly disparaged for advocating for contraception coverage. We were first connected to Sandra through one of her personal friends who came to us seeking our assistance. I am proud of our staff for donating their time and energy to work with Sandra during this important and difficult time.” – Hilary Rosen, Managing Partner, SKDKnickerbocker


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