*UPDATE 4/25: EAG released a second video on “Gender-Bender” day at the school.

Chicago public school Jones College Prep apparently believes school is the appropriate venue to train students in nonviolent protesting:

Philip Jackson was brought in to lead the training and provide students with specific ideas like “building a cemetery with the names of dead students” on the school grounds:

 Jackson strongly encouraged the students to develop forms of non-violent protest. “I’m not telling you to do it, but if you were going to,” he said, leading the proverbial horse to the water.

“I’m just saying,” he said on several occasions.

Jackson then offered the idea of creating a symbolic graveyard on the school lawn of headstones featuring the names of Chicago residents killed with guns.

The comments came as part of a session during the school’s Social Justice Week. Jones College Prep brought in community organizers from the Black Star project to train specially selected students in the political action.

During a discussion about the right to own a gun, a student who expressed her approval was met had the following exchange with Camille Williams of Peace in the Hood:

Williams: Right now in Springfield, they are moving to pass conceal and carry so that everybody can carry guns. Are you all in agreement with that?

Student: Um…I am because I think if you take away guns from regular citizens, the criminals and the police are the only ones who have them, so…

Williams: did you look at this?

[At that point, she held up a list to young people who have been killed with guns.]

Student: Yes, ma’am, I did.

Williams: How many of these kids on here are able to carry a gun?

Student: None of them.

Williams: And they are the leading targets.

Are public schools an appropriate venue for training children in the arts of nonviolent protesting?