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Carbonite Limbaugh boycott cracking?

Carbonite Limbaugh boycott cracking?

Very, very interesting.

I had heard from a reader a couple of weeks ago that she heard a Carbonite ad running on the Rush Limbaugh show on a radio station in Texas:

I was in the car running errands so I just don’t remember the exact time. Sometime between noon and 3 o’clock. I just remember being shocked when I heard it.

And now this report from the #StopRush folks who monitor Rush broadcasts and then contact advertisers:

I presume this is just an error, a mistake, the fault of some nameless, faceless advertising middleman.

Plausible deniability, baby.


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Amusingly pop-up ad currently on my screen is for…



They never pulled their plug from other conservative voices, such as Andrew Wilkow so I’m conflicted about their continued business. Maybe when they realized that no one from #stoprush pays for anything (except through mommy and daddy’s credit cards) they have tried to get back to an audience used to paying for things out of their own pocket.

Midwest Rhino | April 26, 2012 at 8:24 pm

they already lost the Rush customers, now any new customers that supported them FOR turning on Rush, will also leave them. ha

CARB touched the 52 week low today at 7.90, closed at 7.92 on an up day for most of the market.

Those dunces at Carbonite do not understand that it is the Republicans who spend money. The democrats are in this for the free stuff.

“I presume this is just an error, a mistake, the fault of some nameless, faceless advertising middleman.”

Or another mysterious edit from an NBC affiliate…

Boycotts never work. Mancotts might.

Who cares in the end? If I want a product because I desire or need it and can afford it, I’ll buy it.

I’ve never had the need or desire for Carbonite.

But now that I know their politics, I would look somewhere else for that service should I need it in the future.

I do believe we are seeing the beginning of Carbonite getting a mean street lesson from the school of Hard Knocks special class on economic reality.

This combined with Google looking at offering lower rats for basically the same service, Ilooks like they are learning it’s not a good idea to upset your existing customers, especially if they have even more attractive options.

DocWahala, imagining a board room of executives learning the MBAs they earned at New Progressive University aren’t worth toilet paper, now they are learning what a different MBA means… As in “Making Buyers Angry”.

Don’t think Rush would take them back. Their CEO made a particularly vile (and unneccessary) anti-Rush statement when pulling their advertising. And Rush doesn’t need them.

With their financials and their new competition, I don’t see Carbonite even being around in a year or two anyway.