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Battle of the Obama Celebrity ads

Battle of the Obama Celebrity ads

Which do you think is better, the original Obama Celebrity ad run by the McCain campaign in 2008, or the new one from American Crossroads which was just released?

First, the original:

Here’s how the NY Times Editorial Board characterized the McCain ad:

The ad gave us an uneasy feeling that the McCain campaign was starting up the same sort of racially tinged attack on Mr. Obama that Republican operatives ran against Harold Ford, a black candidate for Senate in Tennessee in 2006. That assault, too, began with videos juxtaposing Mr. Ford with young, white women.

Compare that ad to the American Crossroads ad (via ElectAd):

Which is better? You must choose. No ties allowed.

Poll open until noon Eastern on Friday.


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I’m struck by how accurate the McCain ad was.

Maybe some issue group can run it as an anti-Obama ad. The tag line should be “Why weren’t you listening to us the first time?”

I kind of liked Paris Hilton’s “campaign” ad in response to McCain…

The Crossroads ad has too much set-up and too little pay-off.

LukeHandCool | April 26, 2012 at 6:15 pm

Obama’s “Al Green” does not hold a candle to Professor Jacobson’s “Rick James Super Freak.”

LukeHandCool (who hopes there’s a karaoke night at the LI summer convention in Vegas).

Yes, my life is now better. I continue to grow and advance with my career, my family is finally living with me, …. But then again, it took moving out of the states for this to happen.

If the ad asks, is “America doing any better”… I would have a different answer.

Remember, I work off shore drilling. If there is one industry that knows the pain caused by this administration, we would be at the front of the list. I can’t even begin to to write about how times I get emails from folks I know in the business who are asking if I can help them get work oversees.

A whole industry is leaving America, but very few say anything about it.

DocWahala, knows if airports and airlines had to face the same challenges, the airlines would be leaving too, the airports would probably be converted to community activism centers, and the lying media would be reporting on how more Americans are choosing to ride buses across America.

Mccain’s ad was good, the problem was there was no record and a complicit American press in 2008 (the press is still pretty complicit, but at least there is a record now).

the crossroads one has lots of material from the past 3 years.. I gotta give that evil genius Carl Rove his due, they are good, and I hope they continue to go after the fraud in the WH. I’m rooting on American Crossroads.

If I could recommend to the RNC the following.

There are many many Hillary ads from 2008, and yes I was a Hillary campaigner in 2008, that have proven so accurate that the RNC really needs to use.

Hillary had a great line, “Who do you want to HIRE?”. She used that line over and over again… Romney needs to say, “I have a massive amt of experience in growing the economy, building job, so my fellow americans, I ask, Who do you want to hire this November??”

I agree with raven that the Crossroads ad has too much setup and too little payoff. Plus, the message is written, not spoken, so anyone just listening to the ad hears the “cool music” and Obama chant and would mistake it for a pro-Obama ad. I like Kerrvillian’s idea to reuse the old ad. “He told us what he would do. Maybe you missed the truth the first time around…Fool me once…”

I was waiting for Obama at the end saying he approved the American Crossroads 2012.

Uncle Samuel | April 26, 2012 at 6:51 pm

I did not like the 2012 ad…and this one is even worse:

They do not communicate a clear message or make real sense – just like Romney’s ‘presumptive’ nomination since he’s the Obama twin.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Uncle Samuel. | April 26, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    This year’s compared with last year’s Republican ads show a decline and confusion of cognitive reasoning symptomatic of neurodegenerative disease or drug use.

Ridicule is a powerful weapon. American Crossroads ad has it.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the now-expired race card this time around. That dog won’t hunt.

I favor the original

[…] will admit that Obama has a certain celebrity complex, like Emperor Nero. And Israel was a pain in Rome’s posterior, like it seems to be for […]

no contest… the ONLY thing McLame did right in 08 was to pick Sarah, and he promptly screwed that up by listening to the incompetents running his campaign and marginalizing and silencing her.

it’s almost like he wanted to lose the election…

Rome’s Bureaucrats Better than the EPA’s at Increasing Prosperity!A comparison, with graphics, of how Rome’s takeovers left areas prosperous, whereas Obama/Government interference has the opposite effect. For example, PAX ROMANA vs POX OBAMA. In conclusion — Rome knew how to create wealth. And, despite the fact that Roman soldiers had little qualms about inflicting pain, I would also argue they showed more compassion during their crucifixions than the EPA does during theirs.

I voted for 2012 ad because 2008 is history and John McCain never faced down Barak Obama and critized those who would.

They both suck.

I voted for the 2008 ad only because it was an “I told you so.” And it is not just the unqualified (and ineligible) Obama that is the ruiNation of country, it is the Democratic Congress. This guy makes Slick Willy look like an amateur.

I am really starting to see Mitt Romney and someone who is honest and actually speaks from the heart. He and Obama are worlds apart, ethically, morally and and every-other-“ly” you can think of.

American Crossroads

It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.

DINORightMarie | April 27, 2012 at 12:12 pm

I would like Rove and Co. to follow up with an ad of Obama’s statement, “I take responsibility for the economy” and his statement about, “If I haven’t turned the economy around, then we’re talking about a 1 term proposition.” (paraphrased) Layer those sound bites with the headlines, facts, sound bites from various MSNBC/NBC/CNN/CBS/ABC/NYT/WaPo etc. lertist “repeaters” (i.e. “journalist” hacks) stating REALITY – the FACTS about the economy. Repeat his 2 statements over and over, with the FACTS rolling by mixed in to emphasize that Obama OWNS this economy, and he KNOWS it.

It would be very effective, IMHO, and put more substance to the above-type ads; the new one above is “cool” and makes Obama seem actually attractive to the young…….not to me, or those I know who vote, but to those who are sucked into their own worlds, and haven’t learned yet that they need to WORK HARD if they want to succeed. In other words, college students and the Occupy crowd.

And yeah, they are legally allowed to vote. Which takes me to the tangent that the law to lower the voting age needs to be re-examined…….it was 21 for a reason…… O.o