If you don’t already, I recommend subscribing to Minding the Campus, a web-based mag focused on the American university from The Manhattan Institute. Today, John Leo has a fun post titled “One Result of Income Inequality–Dubious Psychological Studies.”

As an academic specialty, psychology suffers from a distinct lack of respect. For one clue as to why, consider the story last week on Inside Higher EdDoes Income Inequality Promote Cheating?. A doctoral student at Queens University in Ontario says yes–and he didn’t even have to leave his computer to reach that conclusion. A Google search for sites that offer college students free term papers or easily plagiarized papers for sale, he says, suggests that states with the highest income inequality generate social mistrust that leads to a generally high rate of cheating.

That actually sounds like bad philosophizing rather than psychological research. Alas, these sorts of rationalizations passing as scholarship are at the core of bad scholarship, one of the more unfortunate by-products of the higher ed bubble. (Which, in case you have forgotten, is fueled by the US gov’t.)


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