There’s pretty much doom and gloom all the time in the right blogosphere.

Most of the bloggers I follow are having a hard time staying away from sharp objects as we glance towards November and the possibility of the teflon president tefloning his way towards a tefloned personal popularity by the tefloning mainstream media, which sticks (it) only to conservatives.

(As he reaches for heavy meds, he says) But my spirits are lifted when I read columns like this by E.J. Dionne telling us that conservatives are one step away from a coup d’etat of the intellectual sort, The right’s stealthy coup:

Right before our eyes, American conservatism is becoming something very different from what it once was. Yet this transformation is happening by stealth because moderates are too afraid to acknowledge what all their senses tell them….

If our nation’s voters want to move government policy far to the right, they are entirely free to do so. But those who regard themselves as centrist have a moral obligation to make clear what the stakes are in the current debate. If supposed moderates refuse to call out the new conservatism for the radical creed it has become, their timidity will make them complicit in an intellectual coup they could have prevented.

If only.  If only.

Maybe I’ll start reading E.J. Dionne and other liberal columnists more often.  It’s better than a happy pill.  And there’s no co-pay or deductible.


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