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Actually, “Good for the Jews”

Actually, “Good for the Jews”

Ah, Facebook.  Via The Shark Tank:

Jew hate is nothing new, but within the Democratic National Committee, this is clearly unchartered territory. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ol’ staffer and newly named the DNC’s Jewish Outreach Liason Dani Gilbert refers to herself an her fellow khevre (khev’∙reh) as “Jewbags.”

Oy Veh! Can you imagine if a Republican Jewish Outreach staffer were to have posted similar pictures with these same comments? His/her head would be asked to be served on some type of Seder platter or something.  Listen, I get the funny here. It’s like Blacks referring to one another as ‘Niggas’, right?

That’s a mild freak out, just stupid kids doing stupid stuff on Facebook, forgetting everything their parents have warned them about regarding lack of privacy, nothing ever leaving the internet, no such thing as “delete,” etc.  A Jew kissing money is no biggie, everybody does it.

What makes it really freaky, doubly-freaky, is the image of the young lady hired by Wasserman-Shultz for Jewish outreach.  Click at your peril.  It’s safe for work, but not for the mind.  Have we legalized cloning?

But the clincher?  Via Washington Free Beacon:

Other photos depict Gilbert as a bit of a party girl, including one featuring an assortment of condoms.

Uh oh, here we go again.

Jonah Goldberg says:

Actually, this is Good for the Jews.  Anything that interferes, even for a day, with the DNC phony outreach to the Jewish community is a good day, for everyone.


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Samuel Keck | April 3, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Other photos depict Gilbert as a bit of a party girl, including one featuring an assortment of condoms.

Gosh! With a collection like the one in that photo, it’s obvious that Ms. Gilbert would make an excellent lifestyle coach for Sandra Fluke.

What happens in the minds of these girls when the Pal’s detonate a bomb vest in a pizza parlor or invade a home and stab small children to death?

Do they just piddle along with their valley-speak and cute Facebook comments about their social life like nothing barbaric just happened … to them … yet?

alwaysfiredup | April 3, 2012 at 3:25 pm

Hey now. That chica is wearing a tee from my college a capella group. Dani Gilbert is therefore officially one of my homegirls. I hereby declare her my +1 in the conservasphere, for today at least.

Dani will become a big commentator on “Slut-shaming” like Kystal Ball (pretty much a slut).

That’s the way the Collective rolls.

“A Jew kissing money is no biggie, everybody does it.”

Let’s not get into any Scotsman jokes, ‘K…???

Bitterlyclinging | April 3, 2012 at 3:44 pm

As for the click at your own risk. The proof of cloning is in the teeth. She just doesn’t seem to have Debbie’s reach

I think we should refrain from calling Dani Gilbert a slut or whore .. I mean, she doesn’t use the public dime to pay for her contraceptives.

My guess is that Mizz Gilbert is one of those maybe two ceremonial days a year virtually non-observant Jews. The kind I refer to as “Jews of convenience” who just must ask you if you realize that they are Jewish, when you didn’t ask and it has nothing what-so-ever to do with whatever subject is at hand. They don’t observe squat, but relish the identity in case you don’t mention notice of it. Perfect for the Dem outreach girl, nominal identity, and all gas no substance, just like her former boss.

LukeHandCool | April 3, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Although there is a resemblance to Wasserman-Schultz, I think she’s kinda cute. She looks like a Jewish girl I dated when I was around 19.

Of course, she couldn’t hold a candle to the cute-as-a-button Jewish girl I dated a few years later who looked almost exactly like MTV’s original video jockey, Martha Quinn. Only problem was she started talking about marriage, and my view at the time was marriage was when life ended.

It’s just young girls being stupid on Facebook. I wouldn’t read too much into it. I’ve seen my old highschool classmates act very immaturely on Facebook when it comes to politics.

I really see problems up ahead with FB and other social media. Our 11-year-old daughter was acting strangely recently … moody, depressed, irritable … very uncharacteristic of her. We found out one of her “friends,” a future Gloria Allred whose mother is a Gloria Allred-type attorney had opened a FB account in our daughter’s name and was having x-rated conversations with the boys in the school. The boys and the parents thought it was our daughter doing this. Glad the principal finally found out the truth and suspended the girl and talked with her mother … who is now mad at my wife!! She is scary!

Life in the lefty big city!

Gasp, all pics are down the memory hole. I was really looking for the one with the condoms. Wanted to “like” any female who was paying for her own, esp. democrat females.

“Actually, this is Good for the Jews. Anything that interferes, even for a day, with the DNC phony outreach to the Jewish community is a good day, for everyone.”


Wprds failed me at this broad’s stupidity and perfidy. Then I saw this article in Front Page Mag. It puts this broad’s stupidity and perfidy into proper perspective.