It should be obvious to anyone who has attended almost any liberal arts college in the past 40 years that there is no War on Women on campuses.  Just the opposite is true; by almost all measures women have achieved numerical and political superiority on campus, yet the grievance studies and victim narrative continue as if nothing had changed.

Jedediah Bila has an interesting interview with Dr. Miles Groth, a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Wagner College.  Read the full interview, here is an excerpt:

The major reasons young males are not matriculating is a campus atmosphere that is unwelcoming…. It is voiced by young men who enroll but may leave after several semesters: We do not feel welcomed. The environment is anti-male in many classrooms. Administrators, who are now for the most part women, are not interested in how active young men are in college life, with the exception of athletics. Lack of engagement of men in on-campus activities and organizations was one of the first signs of young men being turned off by college life….

It is not just a matter of anecdotal reporting at one small liberal arts college. Classes other than those in Gender Studies—most notably in the social sciences but also in some of the humanities, including History—are also environments where young men are not taken seriously. Their views are considered to reflect a by-now mythic notion of male political privilege and so they are bypassed, given short shrift or even dismissed with sarcasm….

Young males are reluctant to argue for pro-male positions because they have learned they will be dismissed as malignant, simply because they are pro-male. They soon learn that only pro-feminist and now often anti-male views are acceptable discourses in college classrooms. Beyond the classroom, the vast majority of gender-specific co-curricular programs and events are inspired by ideological pro-feminism.

Let me suggest that the narrative is not just on campus anymore.

Those steeped in its ways, both male and female, now run the Democratic message machine and use the same tactics in politics as they learned on campus.