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“a campus atmosphere that is unwelcoming” … to men

“a campus atmosphere that is unwelcoming” … to men

It should be obvious to anyone who has attended almost any liberal arts college in the past 40 years that there is no War on Women on campuses.  Just the opposite is true; by almost all measures women have achieved numerical and political superiority on campus, yet the grievance studies and victim narrative continue as if nothing had changed.

Jedediah Bila has an interesting interview with Dr. Miles Groth, a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Wagner College.  Read the full interview, here is an excerpt:

The major reasons young males are not matriculating is a campus atmosphere that is unwelcoming…. It is voiced by young men who enroll but may leave after several semesters: We do not feel welcomed. The environment is anti-male in many classrooms. Administrators, who are now for the most part women, are not interested in how active young men are in college life, with the exception of athletics. Lack of engagement of men in on-campus activities and organizations was one of the first signs of young men being turned off by college life….

It is not just a matter of anecdotal reporting at one small liberal arts college. Classes other than those in Gender Studies—most notably in the social sciences but also in some of the humanities, including History—are also environments where young men are not taken seriously. Their views are considered to reflect a by-now mythic notion of male political privilege and so they are bypassed, given short shrift or even dismissed with sarcasm….

Young males are reluctant to argue for pro-male positions because they have learned they will be dismissed as malignant, simply because they are pro-male. They soon learn that only pro-feminist and now often anti-male views are acceptable discourses in college classrooms. Beyond the classroom, the vast majority of gender-specific co-curricular programs and events are inspired by ideological pro-feminism.

Let me suggest that the narrative is not just on campus anymore.

Those steeped in its ways, both male and female, now run the Democratic message machine and use the same tactics in politics as they learned on campus.


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But this is only to be expected.

As we know, the Frankfurt School actively sought ways to create divisions in American culture, since they understood that exploiting class hate (common in Europe) would not work in the U.S. to promote Marxism.

The Collective…far from being the engine of “peace and love”…is all about hate.

To be safe, claim confusion. Neither male nor female but both and neither. It is evolutionary dysfunction and it is more nurture than nature.

Sometimes I feel like a boy, and other times I feel like a girl. It all depends on which locker room I happen to enter and my status remains dynamic as a progressive fortune smiles upon me.

It’s a selective, selective, selective, selective world.

Saving Our Young Men

A couple years ago, a prominent female columnist wrote a very brave op-ed in one of mainstream newspapers about the wussification of men, and society’s assault on them-

She was considered a “conservative” journalist until she drank Obama’s kool-aid. I CANNOT remember her name–as I often confused her with Peggy Noonan.

If anyone has anything, I’d appreciate it–my head is getting sore from banging it-

    OrgunCon in reply to Browndog. | April 30, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Browndog, perhaps you mean Kathleen Parker? I don’t remember her writing on this subject but I avoid most of her stuff unless someone posts about it on a blog.

    I bet you’re thinking of Kay Hymowitz though. She’s written a few famous articles, that lead to her book last year or so talking about “child men”. I wouldn’t say she’s drunk the Obummer kool aid though. She’d rather blame men for not ignoring the feminism and pushing on through the muck. The other famous “conservative” on this topic is Bill Bennet who last year called on men to man-up and get married. That women like his daughters have grown up but men their age haven’t.

    This is an issue I’ve been following for 10 years since I was in school as its gotten worse. Many conservatives like Bennet and Hymowitz are to be blunt, utterly clueless on this subject and still think we live in the world of the 70s-80s let alone the so called golden era of the 40s-60s.

    The millenial men are realizing that they’re not wanted in college or society (except as walking atm’s and sperm donors), that the debt isn’t worth it and thus dropping out. Why go somewhere or participate in something where you’re not wanted?

    Browndog in reply to Browndog. | April 30, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    HOT DOG!

    Kathleen Parker.

    Glad that’s over with….

It sounds like sensible people are noticing this malicious insanity. Hopefully they will put a stop to it—before the Gods of the Copybook Headings step in.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | April 30, 2012 at 1:17 pm

This morning I left a link in the Tip Line which I labeled, “Collegiate America’s War on Men”.

It is a blog post by my favorite (mostly) econ blogger, Professor Mark Perry who authors the blog Carpe Diem. He’s got one table and a pretty scary chart showing actual and predicted trends in degrees granted by gender. He shows that “gender equity” was achieved in 1981, and since then more women than men have been enrolling. He, probably correctly, blames huge gender disparity in matriculation on the growth in “Women’s Centers”.

Heck, since I’m commenting on it here, I guess I’ll relink to his great post:

LukeHandCool | April 30, 2012 at 1:22 pm

This is what caused my nephew to drop out. You’d be hard pressed to find a kinder, funnier, more generous and decent human being on earth, but he sees reality clearly and refuses to bend to the PC winds blowing like a hurricane through college campuses.

In a more sane time he would be viewed on a college campus as exactly the kind of person he is … as I described him.

But, in the sickly contemporary campus environment, he voiced his opinions freely and was made to feel like some evil freak. The last straw was when the professor in an English class assigned a paper in which the students had to argue one side of a political issue. He did it from a conservative viewpoint and … until that time the top student in the class with “A’s” on all his papers, he suddenly received a “D.” After the professor smirked at his protest and his classmates fell silent when he asked them to read his paper and decide for themselves if the grade was fair … he walked out.

Today’s college campus welcomes ideas outside its established orthodoxy like a Victorian dinner party averting their eyes from the bare legs of the pheasant to be served would welcome a porn star.

I wonder what Kathleen and Bryan think about this.

While noting and deploring the atmosphere of hate and division generally ginned up by Collectivists…

I’m not sure that males leaving academia is a net “bad thing”.

InstaPundit has written a LOT lately about the education bubble’s several facets, including….

1. debt

2. the low net value of many college degrees (i.e., approaching worthless in some instances)

3. grade inflation (allowing more students to take Masters and Doctorate degrees…which USED to really mean something)

4. the “license chute” for many areas of specialization which mandates an undergrad degree (often requiring extraneous BS as part of an elitist “core curriculum)

Males who leave colleges will find other ways to education that cost less, and will often prepare them for high-income careers.

And a market…if we chose growth and reject Obamic Decline.


    Smart young men AND women should look at shunning traditional 4 year institutions.

    Liberal NPR reported last week that most jobs coming available will not require a degreee. Worse, those graduating with liberal arts degrees will be no better off than those w/out a degree.

    Many of those jobs will likely be created by men w/out college degrees.

Dear Professor Jacobson,

This problem begins in pre-school, where boys are routinely punished, suspended, or expelled for masculine behaviors, and continues apace throughout their lives. At age 4, my son was expelled from a Montessori program for his insufficiently passive behavior. His elementary school banned most competitive games from the playground and outlawed running. There was no spelling bee or geography bee at his middle school because these activities were deemed too competitive. Saxon math and the science fair were discontinued for similar reasons.

And if this isn’t bad enough, in many households the re-education program begins at birth, as dutifully feminist parents work to inculcate “gender neutral” values and force feminine behaviors on male children. In my neck of the woods, small boys with painted nails are not an uncommon sight.

An open hostility to males and things masculine is not a problem specific to higher education. It is a cultural problem that pervades all aspects of our lives.

Yours truly,


    LukeHandCool in reply to ThOR. | April 30, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    “In my neck of the woods, small boys with painted nails are not an uncommon sight.”

    When I was attending the Univ. of Hawaii, one night when the guy in the dorm room next door was asleep, I sneaked in and painted his nails pink with nail polish.

    So, you never know for sure what’s going on out there.

      When I wrote the above comment, I tried to imagine what kind of replies I might receive. I wasn’t expecting this. When my son heads off to college in a few years, I’ll have to warn him about girls like you (and pack along a bottle of nail polish remover).

        LukeHandCool in reply to ThOR. | April 30, 2012 at 3:14 pm

        “I’ll have to warn him about girls like you”

        Well, I’m a boy … but that is sound advice.

    Milwaukee in reply to ThOR. | April 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    We know that boys have greater problems and are less likely to embrace reading than girls.

    We know that boys studiously avoid books with female heroes, while girls are willing to read books with heroes of either gender.

    Yet, the learning-to-read establishment, which is dominated by women, embraced the idea that we don’t have enough books with female heroes. The thought was that we needed more books with “positive female role models”. So they wrote more books with female heroes. Are the boys having more problems with reading? Well that’s just too bad.

It used to be ‘The Man’ that punished minorities. Now it’s ‘The Woman’ – ah, the irony. Nothing really ever changes.

JackRussellTerrierist | April 30, 2012 at 2:42 pm

I have to wonder why it is that, for some inexplicable reason, women are succeeding at the expense of men. Surely there is enough opportunity for as many to succeed who want to succeed by putting forth the effort. Why must it be one or the other? The fact is that there is no logical reason for it to be that way, and that’s why the reason this has occurred is actually darker than it appears to be on the surface.

My husband is an educator and has been speaking out about this for fifteen or more years. The wussification of American men is a direct goal of the Marxists’ war on capitalism. The western world’s vibrant history of productivity and success is laid squarely at the feet of white males, yet they have been under attack for thirty or more years by the effete media, academia, political arena and entertainment industry. There has been an institutionalized effort underway for three decades now to undermine and demoralize men, especially white men. There is no valid reason to do this in order to give women more opportunity than they previously had. Women compete very well and will walk through the door of opportunity when inspired and motivated to do so. There is no rational purpose in simultaneously slamming that door in men’s faces. Society drastically weakens itself by doing so, and therein the real goal of the progenitors of this phenomenon reveals itself.

I again point to the Duke lacrosse case as the ultimate example of the hatred the above entities hold for white males and there is no indication that the effort to undermine maleness in general and white men in particular is abating.

Buck up, boys, let the testosterone flow, and stand up for yourselves. There are a whole lot of women, successful, happy women, who clearly see your plight and will stand behind you 100%. Strong, smart women need strong, smart men.

Besides that, every girl needs a hero. 🙂

    A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a female friend. We just watched a commercial on tv and she remarked how stupid it was.

    I told her to pay attention, and you’ll notice that most commercials portray the women as strong/smart, and the men weak/morons.

    She marvels at it to this day-

      JackRussellTerrierist in reply to Browndog. | May 1, 2012 at 2:10 am

      There have been literally hundreds of such ads going back to at least the early ’90s when Hillary entered the scene. In addition to women, now blacks are being portrayed as being more competent, more cool, more savvy and more knowledgeable than the goofy, dunderheaded village idiot white dude.

“I just barely can hammer a nail into the wall,” Obama said. “My wife is not impressed with my skills when it comes to fixing up the house. Fortunately right now I’m in a rental, so I don’t end up having to do a lot of work”

Obama during today’s speech to the AFL-CIO:

h/t Weasel Zippers

Last year I was in a doctoral program in education at a Big Ten University. One of my fellow doctoral students admitted in class that she didn’t know how to print slides from a PowerPoint in note form. She also told us that when working on her Masters, she had encountered some problems getting the Institutional Review Board to approve her research request. However, once she had called them, crying, and told them how she was 7 months pregnant and needed to get the project done before the baby came, they were more helpful. Since I’m never going to be pregnant, let alone 7 months pregnant, and since I don’t call strangers on the phone and cry, I realized I wasn’t going far in that program.

Besides, that parade of pompous preening peacock-professors was more interested in the the formatting of footnotes, and who was referenced, than the actual content of the paper.

4. the “license chute” for many areas of specialization which mandates an undergrad degree (often requiring extraneous BS as part of an elitist “core curriculum)

Education is one of these areas. Teachers from Teach For America who are motivated and care about teaching out perform teachers from traditional education programs. TFA teachers get a summer of intense preparation, and coaching through the first couple of years. The key is, the teachers are internally motivated to be good teachers. In too many cases teacher licensing is a classic example of restraint of entry. Besides, too many administrators are products of that system, and they wouldn’t be able to identify a good teacher if their life depended on it. Clearly, their jobs don’t require them to identify good teachers.

Does it also therefore mean that it is women more than men who are the ones being saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student loans?

Let’s see, men pay more into Social Security than women, and collect less. Men pay more in taxes than women, and collect less in benefits. Why, yes, women will collect greater student loan debt. But they’ll somehow get out of that, and men will pay. The added bonus is that men will then be held in contempt that they didn’t get the educations the women did, and men will discriminated against in hiring. Sounds about right to me.

Once we honored men for chivalry. Now women demand it, and are not the least bit grateful.

It’s the Critical Gender Theory. Bell’s widow said “You know, Gloria Steinem once named him an honorary woman, because he was a feminist before feminism was cool.”

Attended a community and a small liberal arts college, a university, and four (4) seminaries on my way to earning an A.A., B.A., and two (2) Master’s degrees. As a male, my experiences ranged from being barely tolerated to receiving outright hostility from some females, some professors, and even PC-minded males. Would not subject myself to anything like it ever again.

Which is why I’m still a Boy Scout leader 8 years after my son earned his Eagle Rank award, aged out and left. I spent this last Saturday out in the woods teaching a group of 11-year-olds how to sharpen and use knives, saws and axes. All of which they’d get expelled for if they did it at school. But they gleefully were whacking away at logs with the axe, something that no one else is going to teach them or even let them do.