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Tony Snow / Ian Anderson

Tony Snow / Ian Anderson

I ran a long string of Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson Videos of the Day recently.

Thanks to reader Scott who just forwarded to me this video of Tony Snow in a duet with Anderson.

Anderson’s comments on Tony’s death in 2008 are here.


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I just watched that video last night. I was thinking about Tony Snow and remembered the clip on Fox News. I went looking for some video of him playing and found that one. Sure miss his wit and wisdom.

Up this week: Ian Anderson

Down this week: Bruce Springsteen

Thank you.

Tony Snow. What a joyful addition to the White House.
Talented, funny, self-deprecating and an artist on top of it.
I have to admit that I even enjoyed Tim Russert at one time.
Two journalists who could laugh at themselves.
A gift that is missing from all of the mainstream media.

Today “journalists” think that their poop doesn’t stink.
In reality, they all stink like a sewer plant.

That clip was a wonderful remembrance of Tony Snow — one of my favorite people/news person. I miss him.

Tony is sorely missed.

Anderson is quite the interesting character. In response to a reporter’s inquiry, he estimated he had played “Aqualung” onstage at least 3000 times. The reporter asked if he ever got sick of it.

“Sick of it? It made my career, all you see – the house, the estate, the cars, all of it – was made possible because people paid to hear us play, and the fans always want to hear Aqualung. It isn’t a Jethro Tull concert without it. And as long as they want to pay to hear it, I’m delighted to play it for them.”


When asked if he ever considered retiring from touring as he and guitarist Martin Barre got older, Andersen admitted he had, but that some 150 people’s livelihood was based on Tull live tours. Their income, their families were things he felt responsible for, and he felt a moral obligation to them.

Ian’s not always been favorable to conservatives – more of a libertarian sort – but he has the values.

Tony Snow is a product of my local area. A finer gentleman, human being you could have never met. I had no idea of this duet with Ian Anderson. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you. I will be listening to my Tull all day now:)

The fact that “comments have been disabled for this video” on Youtube speaks volumes about the “class” of liberals.

A happy warrior. Just to see and hear him makes you feel good. A breath of fresh air compared to the grim, sanctimonious sour-pusses we get today. (Jay Carney, your mother’s calling you, it’s time to come in.)

Professor, thanks for taking the time to remember Tony Snow. I have wondered how his wife and kids are doing since his death. I remember he said that he took a big pay cut to be Press Secretary, but he would do it for as long as his family could afford it. What a selfless human being. I hope his wife and children are coping financially as well as emotionally. I would love to hear the conversation Tony and Andrew Breitbart are sharing now from their vantage point. God Bless guys.

Wow. I had no idea. Thanks so much for the video.