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There’s no such thing as a free health care

There’s no such thing as a free health care

If free health care costs so much, maybe it’s not free.  Just don’t tell it to the yutes.

I’m guessing this is from a doc’s car.  From Linda, who e-mailed this photo with the subject line “nothing extra special …”

About this sticker – except it’s continuing relevance..

Parking lot of Heritage Medical office building, Franklin tn


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There is no free good.

Not even “free love”.

We’re all about to learn the difference between having health insurance and having health care.

    logos in reply to OCBill. | March 1, 2012 at 11:59 am

    Took my 80 year old mother to the doctor yesterday. He sent her to their orthopedic department for a lumbar brace. The orthopedic tech and I got to talking about what to expect next year from Medicare. he replied he knows what’s coming and showed me a long list of orthopedic devices Medicare will NOT pay for next year – and because Medicare won’t, he told me that insurance carriers will follow suit.

    What else could happen after obamacare robbed a trillion dollars from Medicare?

SoCA Conservative Mom | March 1, 2012 at 11:03 am

I do have a quibble with this bumper sticker. Healthcare isn’t free to anyone who has insurance, a job, or money in the bank. Healthcare is free to anyone that doesn’t have these resources. I was in the hospital last week (pheumonia) and the lady in the bed next to me was brought into the US from Mexico to replace a knee prosthetic that caused an infection. She was admitted to the ER next to me and ended up in the same room with me. I could hear everything on the other side of the curtain. It will be paid for by tax payers, so to her it is free.

My brother is undergoing treatment for bladder cancer (please don’t feel pity for him or our family, it was caused by years of drug abuse) and because he hasn’t been employed for 3 years, is broke and lacks insurance, it will be paid for by taxpayers. Again, free to him.

The problem has never been a lack of access for anyone who needs medical care. The problem has always been the cost of care. Making medical care more expensive through Obamacare is not the solution, but creates a bigger problem.