Joe the Plumber is back and this time he is fighting for keeps, a place in Congress. What can he expect this time from the main stream media? If the past is any guide, a pretty rough go and then some. Think of the Christine O’Donnell treatment on steroids.

Joe is used to this treatment so he should fare better than Ms. O’Donnell, but the hypocrisy in how those from the right are treated by the media and the left is crystallized when we look at the dirt thrown Joe’s way in the not so distant past:

Dumber than Joe the Plumber…..old, angry, white, uneducated, misinformed Americans

They prey on people like Joe the Plumber, who don’t really understand the issues

Joe needed a ghostwriter to help write his book

Not even Joe the Plumber could plumb the depths of Cincinnati’s wretchedness

See if you are an upstart conservative, you are stupid. Yet, those on the left upstart or otherwise are hailed as brilliant. President Obama’s intelligence has no limits. Hillary Clinton is master of both the written and unwritten word. Funny though, she never gets criticized for using a ghostwriter on her book “It Takes a Village,” a fact she tried to hide from the public unlike Joe the Plumber:

Hillary fails to acknowledge help she received in preparing “It Takes a Village”

If the stupid treatment does not work, then statements you made on social issues are cherry picked to make you look like a fool. This was done to perfection on Christine O’Donnell and is now being applied to Joe:

Queer means strange and unusual

When will Ms. Fluke be put to the test for her positions? Probably like President Obama, on the 12th of Never:

Why are you vetting me and you haven’t done this to Obama?

The Daily Show outside Joe the Plumber’s House

And if all else fails, make comparisons to the Nazis:

Sorry, I know this is stereotyping, but he looks jackbootish to me…

As we all know, the left can smear with impunity, no threats to their sponsors. Joe is going up against the machine; the opposition will not fight fair. It is going to be a long, hard slog for him. We know he is up to the task, but is the electorate?


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