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The “did someone say something to reporters today” Pre-Super Tuesday Results Special Edition

The “did someone say something to reporters today” Pre-Super Tuesday Results Special Edition

Apparantly Obama held his first press conference of the year today, the Republican Super Tuesday, because yesterday and tomorrow were unavailable.  This all sounds vaguely familiar.  I did not watch.

Chevy Volt – Building a Better Tomorrow from Ben Howe on Vimeo.


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I just voted for Newt Gingrich, and I heard that many of my fellow townspeople did too – Go Newt!

The Imus link does not work, but I’ll wager it might say he learned my lesson and now I’m fully paper trained. He has a memory loss caused by his own addictions when he condemned Rush for his…

Also cast my ballot for Newt today. I got to my polling place about 1:30, and was surprised to find about 20 voters waiting to vote even though the local media has been talking all morning about low turnout.

Hope Change | March 6, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Newt addresses AIPAC Conference at the close of the conference – March 6, SUPER TUESDAY 18:20

AMERICAN ENERGY, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, in the tradition of REAGAN, THATCHER, POPE JOHN PAUL II TO undermine Iranian dictatorship short of war, to try to get an Iranian government we could negotiate with.

We need a reassessment of our understanding of the threat of Radical Islam, out entire approach to the region, the challenge of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

Standards for refugee camps. teaching of hatred, recruiting of martyrs, expecting children to grow up to be killer,s are not commensurate with a peace process.

The Obama administration is unable to even talk about this with intellectual honesty.

I am committed to reforming the State Department, the United Nations, I will follow and American foreign policy, and would not keep talking while the Iranians keeps building.

The red line is now. The Iranians now are deepening their commitment to nuclear weapons, while we talk.

We should rebuild and modernize our military.

As president, I will continue with my commitment to the survival of Israel and the Untied states.

Standing O.

Then Q & A. Nuclear-armed Iran – capacity to bully its neighbors and risk of enormous casualties to the US.

What are your impressions of Israel the country and the society. Israel as the promised land has an echo that goes to the heart. The struggle for survival. The role of David defeating Goliath. It permeates our culture.
People of the Book. Fundamentally liberate and change our intelligence community. We need a national debate. Threat of Radical Islam is much greater than the current Establishment can understand. in the absence of that change, we will be always on the edge of war for the next generation.

AIPAC has done 95% of the work for helping American stay committed internationally. I commend you.

Standing O.

oops should have said He’s fully paper trained..
my fingers have little tiny minds of their own.

Hope Change | March 6, 2012 at 5:09 pm

This may be the beginning a something big. I pray that it is. This could be the start of the base for NEwt.

If we start with a base, and people begin to see that Newt by far has the best chance of winning against Obama, delegates could shift to NEWt very rapidly in the coming months.

When Reagan wanted to say that the Soviet Union was an Evil Empire, they told Reagan to cool his jets and to face the fact that the Soviet Union was unbeatable. Reagan did it anyway. Soviet dissidents in the gulags later told us that as the news of that statement filtered through Soviet gulags, the guards’ morale collapse, because they knew it was true, and the prisoners’ morale skyrocketed.

Then Reagan wanted to say, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” They tried to stop Reagan; over and over, the State Department told Reagan not to upset the status quo.

High Morale is not something you have because the MSM agrees with you. High Morale is knowing the truth about what you love and keeping your eyes and your heart on your goal no matter what.

If you know Newt is your choice, make sure you vote. Help others to vote.

God Bless America!

Go Newt!

As always, Professor, thanks.

Good for you Newt voters! Wish Texas had had its “issues” settled by now.

When I can, I’ll vote for the only guy who can reform this nation…


What’s wrong with our country?… (h/t Fuzzy)

Among other things, perverse incentives. It’s easier to get ahead by weakening the country than by strengthening it. The ultimate consequences are denied or left as somebody else’s problem.

The atheist high school student who got the prayer mural taken down has helped her case for admission to a high-profile university from which she can launch a career “fighting for justice”.

Uncle Samuel | March 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm

Re: Wisconsin – an injunction has been filed against Voter IDs. Evidently the dead of Wisconsin are reaching out to demand their voting rights from the grave.

I ‘hape’ Democrats and liberals and marxists crooks as my little daughter used to say. There is a perfect hate and a right way to hate (Psalm 139:19-24) remembering that enacting any harm is to be self defense, and punishment, justice, execution and vengeance belong to GOD and lawful government.

The BBC cut off Obama mid way through his “why would I want to raise gas prices” question

According to potty-mouth Priya, the Chevy Volt will save you a “crapload of money”:

I’m headed out to vote for Newt now. Dad, mom, brother, and sister voted Newt earlier. Just a few simple points I made helped them with their decision. It really is like shooting fish in a barrel when you break it down.

I voted for Ron Paul this morning. Of course, in Virginia, I only had the choice of Mitt and Ron…

Many thanks to Fuzzy for sending in my link. In my opinion, Fuzzy is just about one of the smartest ladies on the internet and I am honored that she likes me (she, really, really likes me)

We’re heading out to our caucus in Idaho in a few. Both hubby and I have volunteered to work.

I’d tweet you what’s going on, but, alas and alack, we neither tweet or text. There’s only so much “connection” we can handle.

[…] on Super Tuesday The misogynist-in-chief tried to step on the Republican Super Tuesday primaries today. Again. The sexist Barack Obama is casting himself as a women’s rights activist and the […]

I hardly ever watch anything that Obama has to say because it is either irrelevant, untrue or wishful thinking.

Why become annoyed when there are better things to watch, listen or do…

I actually saw Daniel Knauf make those comments on twitter, because since AB died I have been monitoring Dana Loesch’s twitter page @DLoesch…

Since Dana Loesch posted an article three days ago about Sandra farfromFluken (Driving Pleasure)…

…liberals have been calling the Editor of all sorts of vile names, ridiculing her and expressing general derision.

May God Bless this woman Dana Loesch, she is a mighty warrior.
Matthew 5:11

Hope Change | March 6, 2012 at 9:39 pm

The Chevy Volt ad from Ben Howe is hilarious.

Here it is again.

spread the link far and wide — everyone should have a chance to see this!

Because it’s amazing how people get out of your way when you’re driving down the street and you’re on fire. And it’s a bargain at only $1 or $200,000 taxpayer money per car.

American has a socialist fever, and the only cure is the Constitution. That’s not as funny as “the only cure is more cowbell,” but it’s definitely more severely true.

    Hope Change in reply to Hope Change. | March 6, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    wait: the Chevy Volt is a bargain at $100,000 to $200,000 taxpayer money per car.


    Do you remember being proud of Detroit? Do you remember being proud of GM? Do you remember the American can-do spirit?

    Yeah, me, too.

    Thanks, United Auto Workers. Thanks, GM managers. You killed something that used to be great.

Of course Obama held a press conference today. Like his Friday info dumps, he doesn’t want anyone to notice