There’s another “victim” of Rush Limbaugh, according to Adam Clark Estes at The Atlantic Wire, Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Verbal Victim Feels Derided, Dismissed:

Less than a week after calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” on the air, Rush Limbaugh ran his mouth again on Tuesday, calling investigative journalist Tracie McMillan a “babe”, an “authorette” and, more broadly, one of “these single white women.” What makes the talk show host’s poor choice of words even worse is that he was discussing McMillan’s book, as he was trying to prove that the right wasn’t waging a “war on women.” From McMillan’s point of view, this seemed an inopportune time to use diminutive terms in dismissing the in depth reporting and critically acclaimed work of a female author.

The name Adam Clark Estes seemed vaguely familiar.

Did I write about him? No, couldn’t find it on my blog search.

So I did a Google search, and oh yes, now I remember, Pat Austin at And So It Goes In Shreveport wrote about him in September 2009, Editor of HuffPo’s Health Unit Mocks Cornell Student’s Death:

Friday, September 11, 2009, a 20 year old student at Cornell University, Warren Schor, pictured left, died of complications from the swine flu. IvyGate Blog chose the tragedy as an occasion for mockery and silliness...

When Warren Schor died last week, IvyGate published this article, originally under the byline of Molly Fitzpatrick, now under the byline of Adam Clark Estes. The article mocks Schor’s death and the administration attempts to encourage students to stay healthy by practicing good hygiene. So intent was IvyGate on its mission of mockery that they couldn’t even get the dead student’s name right in the original article, first identifying him as “William” Schor, until offended commenters called out the error.

The comments following the article are unanimously offended by the post; one even points out the mysterious change in authorship: “You change the name of the author of the post but yet you keep the disrespectful and inconsiderate tone of it. At the very least get rid of that tasteless photo. Ivy Gate Media should be ashamed. Shame on you.” ….

In addition to his responsibilities as editor of IvyGate, Estes is also Associate Editor of Huffington Post Investigative Fund, described by Arianna Huffington this way: “This nonprofit Fund will produce a wide-range of investigative journalism created by both staff reporters and freelance writers.” The site considers itself a “watchdog” of sorts, reporting on fraud, abuse, and waste in government.

In June, Estes announced the formation of the Investigative Fund’s Health Unit whose purpose is to track the progress of ObamaCare. So why is a Huffington Post editor and one in charge of the Health Unit, mocking the death of a young man with H1N1?

Where there any apologies for mocking the dead? Pat followed up with this post, IvyGate Stands By Tasteless Post, noting even “The Cornell Sun isn’t laughing OR buying the “apology”.”

Estes made an error in judgment.  It happens.

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