Because of a number of distractions, I couldn’t devote much time to yesterday’s primaries yesterday, but here’s my net assessment, followed by some links:

Mitt Romney is the luckiest politician in recent memory.  He barely eked out a victory in Ohio and thereby dominates the headlines, while losing almost every other key electoral state, Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma.   Add in his victories in Massachusetts (uncontested in reality) and Virginia (only Ron Paul on the ballot) and some smaller caucuses, and Romney retains the mantle of inevitability despite having a weak showing.  Rick Santorum actually had a good night, but no one noticed, in part because he went from clear frontrunner in Ohio to loser in Ohio.  Newt didn’t have a particularly good night anywhere except for Georgia, but still got plenty of prime air time on cable last night.  Add it all together, and I’m not sure anything changed.

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