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Steve Bridges

Steve Bridges

Steve Bridges, who did a great impersonation of George W. Bush, passed away last week.

Video h/t Terri in the Tip Line:

He also did a pretty good Obama and Clinton.

But he’ll always be remembered for Bush


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People can say what they want about Bush, but he did love our troops!!!!

He also had a great sense of humor, and was absolutely willing to have people poke fun at him for a giggly.

Watch the Steve Bridges clip from that White House Corespondents Dinner. Now imaging Obama letting someone stand there just a few feet away, making fun of how he talks.

It would. Never. Happen.

George Bush was able to laugh at himself.

That was the funniest correspondents dinner I ever watched.

    logos in reply to logos. | March 11, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    Sorry, iPhone posting technical difficulty.

    The contrast between a secure, authentic leader and the phony liar with incredibly thin skin who demagogues to the cameras is marked.

    Did you note one of the female audience, sitting there stone-faced and intensely hostile as those around her laughed appreciatively?