This is cold fusion:

Hypothetically (and broadly) speaking, the process involves fusing two smaller  atomic nuclei together into a larger nucleus, a process that releases massive  amounts of energy. If harnessed, cold fusion could provide cheap and nearly  limitless energy with no radioactive byproduct or massive carbon emissions.

This is cold fusion on the race card (h/t American Power):

“The new racism is denying racism.”

I have been waiting for this breakthrough since the first Saturday Night Card Game on August 8, 2009, quoting Oliver Willis of Media Matters (his opinions are his own, of course, of course):

Steve Benen tries to understand just why wingnuts are so angry about health care reform. He doesn’t make bad points, but its so much simpler than that. We on the left think that rage has to be somewhat rational, for instance we raged about an unwarranted war. Why is wingnuttia so angry?

We elected a Democrat, and even worse, he’s black.

Thanks to Bill Maher, of all people, we finally have a simple, effective, and self-perpetuating theory of racial grievance used for political purposes, in which not only racism is racist, the denial of racism is racist, so the charge of racism cannot ever be defeated because to deny it is to confirm it.

Unless of course the charge of racism is made by a Republican or conservative or Tea Partier, in which case the new racism rules do not apply.


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