I’ll post the audio when available, but Rush Limbaugh just stated that the advertiser boycott of his show is vastly overstated and based on inflated numbers.

(audio added, via Common Cents)

As I have pointed out in response to concerned commenters, many of those listed by Media Matters and Think Progress as having “dropped” Rush never actually advertised on his show.  A stray ad may have shown up on a local radio station through a media buyer, but they never intended to advertise in that time slot.  Yet when such an advertiser says they don’t want their ads run during Rush’s time slot, that’s counted as a “drop” in the numbers.  Rush also pointed out that these local ad buys do not represent sponsors of his nationally syndicated show, and he received no revenue.

Rush said there are three new national sponsors who will be unveiled soon, and that two of those who dropped him want to come back.  One of these sponsors, he said, is “begging” to come back.

Rush then mentioned that he appreciates all the online support he has been getting, and in what must have been a deliberate dig, mentioned “just look at what the stock price” and then he stopped himself, an obvious reference to Carbonite.

Update: Exclusive: Dems Incite Death Threats Against Limbaugh


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