The Hollywood movie industry is not racist just because there are few blacks or other racial minorities in leading roles, on the set, or in the executive suite.

Hollywood is not sexist even though the culture of the casting couch still lives, and young women are expected to perform sex acts to advance both behind closed corporate doors and on the set.

Hollywood doesn’t engage in age discrimination even though — particularly for women — the younger the better.

Oh, and Hollywood isn’t hateful even though its leading lights spew political venom and eliminate dissent at every opportunity.

Hollywood isn’t any of those things because Hollywood and the liberal media set the narrative.

Only the Tea Party, Christians, Republicans, and Conservatives are allowed to be portrayed as everything Hollywood actually is.

From Chasing Andrew (h/t Instapundit and readers):

For years, I bit my tongue, nodding and making non-committal sounds while listening to the most virulently noxious Leftist spew imaginable: Explicit rape-murder fantasies directed toward Palin, Coulter, Malkin and Ingraham; blithely expressed wishes of cancer, assassination and mutilation of Bush, Cheney and Limbaugh; the snide denigration of “civilians” (i.e. anyone not in the entertainment business) in the “flyover states” (i.e. everywhere except New York and east of the Golden State Freeway–Pasadena, for instance is a “flyover state”); and, of course, the endless venomous, profanity-laced screeds against the Tea Party….

Meanwhile, any actress, female writer or exec can tell you that the Casting Couch is alive and well in contemporary Hollywood. And it’s absolutely fascinating just how many male producers and execs time their set-visits to coincide with nude-scenes…

And forget about “diversity.”  Visit a set, and you can’t help but notice that the overwhelming majority of the crew is male and white. It’s even worse above the line. Any bank, chain restaurant or box-store that exercised such brazenly monochromatic patterns of hire would have been sued and fined into oblivion decades ago.

And, by the way, it helps to be under 40. Or look under 40. Or at least affect the breathlessly chatty verbal affect of a 17 year old, Ritalin-amped high-school kid.

Andrew was right.  It’s about the culture and the media, the media and the culture.

Stop taking it anymore.


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