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There is a mysterious power which rules the destiny of humanity. Once the hand of the Infinite Power has signed the decree of a nation to be banished forever from the face of the earth, the fate of that nation is irrevocable. But when we see a nation, torn from its cradle in its early childhood, and after having tasted all the bitterness of exile is brought back to its land, only to be tossed again into the wild world; and that nation, during nearly 20 centuries of its wandering has displayed such remarkable powers of endurance, suffering age-long martyrdom, hatred and persecution without extinguishing in its heart the fire of patriotism, then we must admit that we are standing before an infinite mystery, unparalleled in the history of humanity.

LukeHandCool | March 27, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Paul Larudee. Founder, Free Gaza and Free Palestine:

“Israel is justifiably concerned about being treated as an international pariah.”

[Well, nobody wants to be a pariah. The question is, who is intent on making Israel a pariah, Mr. Larudee?]

“Although its ability to advocate for its perceived interests through the American electoral system — and thereby bond with the power structure of the United States — appears stronger than ever,…”

[It’s called diplomacy … don’t make it sound so sinister. And the American people overwhelmingly support a close relationship with Israel, don’t they?]

“… Israel’s main strategic think-tank, the Reut Institute, considers Israel’s reputation to be its Achilles heel, and the greatest threat to its very existence.”

[Really? Even more than a nuclear Iran? The usual crackpot “world opinion” is responsible for creating Israel’s supposedly bad “reputation,” and the same crowd then turns around and points to that concocted reputation they have painted as evidence of Israeli malfeasance.]

“This is because Israel has, in effect, put all its eggs in the American basket.”

[Ummm … you said Israel was all but a pariah, right, Mr. Larudee? So, what other friendly baskets to put some of its eggs can you suggest for Israel, Mr. Larudee? Hmmm?]

“Without U.S. diplomatic intervention, advocacy and arm-twisting, it is doubtful that any country in the world would defend Israel’s policies.”

[Might that be because those countries have some eggs in the American basket, too? Funny how countries will put their eggs before their principles, even when it’s regarding the Great Pariah. Maybe those principles don’t amount to a hill of beans … or eggs.]

“Indeed, the handful of tiny dollar economy Pacific island nations that consistently side with Israel in the United Nations are the absurd exceptions that prove the rule.”

[Awww … you disparage these people because they won’t make your pariah picture 100% complete … Sorry, dude. Over 200 million American fans of Israel can’t be wrong!]

In all fairness I don’t really consider D.C. to be a part of America.

Love it when astute and learned philosopher-pundits such as professor Larudee consider all points of view and save those of us barely existing among the unlearned unwashed the effort of forming opinions. What greater service to mankind can there possibly be? And how erudite his dicta? We are truly blessed. Peons like LHC need to hang their heads in shame, shame I say, for deigning to question the good offices of Herr Larudee. Have they no soul? /sarc

Excellent reference re: the Jehoiachinian lament. The progs really do want us to entertain them with mirth and music, not confront them with rhetoric. Good catch, sir.

Thank you for reminding us of Psalm 137. My God, the Psalms are lovely. A price will be paid. Some things are non-negotiable, such as honor and integrity.

Can’t wait till John Bolton is running the State Department. It needs serious reform.

When the March on Jerusalem happens, I hope the Israelis are locked and loaded.

I am SO sick of this hatred of the Jewish people.
It is just incomprehensible to me.

Leave. Them. Alone.

If the haters don’t, then they should see the hellfire descend upon them.

Their obsession with Israel, and specifically Jerusalem, cannot be rationalized by their claimed arguments. Certainly not on humanitarian grounds. Their selective indignation exposes their true nature, especially when they ignore the worst human and civil rights abuses in our world and within the culture they defend. Their focus of attention on a people who for over 1000 years have engaged in war, slavery, discrimination, and other malevolent enterprises with Jews, Christians, pagans, and even minority Islamic sects, speaks to their true motivations. That they call themselves “progressive” only enhances the disturbed image they project.

LukeHandCool | March 28, 2012 at 2:40 am

“The worry is that even as Israel wins the governments of nations that need its good graces — and that of its big American brother — it is losing the people of those nations.”

[“The worry”? What, you worry? Silly me. I figured these pathetic publicity stunts were carried out in hope of making Israel a pariah. Of course, the American public’s support for Israel has only increased during this same time. And, really, think about it … how much time does the average muslim in Indonesia (240 million people, almost 90% muslim) spend thinking about the Israel/Palestinian conflict? I’d say close to zilch. Sure, if you’re taking some unreliable poll and give them a choice between muslim Palestinians, and Jewish Israelis, the majority might choose the Palestinian side, not knowing any better, seeing as it’s something they never really think about … but it would be like asking me to ponder and choose between neopolitan and rocky road … I don’t spend much time in my life thinking about either … but if you ask me to make a choice, I will … of course, that choice means almost nothing to me. Maybe it means something to you. Go for it, dude!]

“While the point may be obvious in the case of U.S. allies in the Arab world, it is perhaps less well known in societies like Spain, Holland, India, Greece and others.”

[Yeah … I’ll bet it’s so unknown, the people in these societies don’t even know it, themselves. But you’re likely talking about the disproportionately loud, chattering-class lefty hipsters (the intelligentsia … aka unproductive, aimless dumbf***s) in these countries. The average guy in the street? He’s just worried about his job and meeting a nice girl. He’s not thinking about what you want him to think about. And, by the way, how is it you speak for the people of all these countries?]

“The government of Greece, for example, humiliated itself by preventing a peaceful flotilla of boats from leaving its shores for Gaza in 2011, for the sake of relations with Israel.”

[Yeah? Sounds a bit subjective. Proof?]

“If we want to know how the Greek people feel, on the other hand, we need only look at their pride in organizing the 2008 popular campaign to break the Israeli siege of Gaza, as shown in the Greek film ‘Gaza, We Are Coming,’ …”

[Dude. I mean, Duuuuude. The youtube video you link to was uploaded almost three years ago! And … after all that time … it doesn’t have a single, not one, not a single viewer comment after almost three years! Even at the end of the day with your piece on the Huffington Post! Not a single comment. How is that possible? I’ve never seen such disinterest before! It only has 24,000 total views over three years! In youtubeland, that’s nothing. And this is your proof that the average Greek guy or gal is obsessed with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Weak cheese, my man.]

“… or at a recent basketball match between Israelis and Greeks, which was more about Greek solidarity with Palestine than about athletics.”

[Seriously?? A basketball match reflects the average Greek Joe’s opinion, let alone obsession, about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? A basketball match? Was the entire population of Greece in the stands?]

“The Global March to Jerusalem, a movement to prevent the expulsion and marginalization of Palestinians in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine, is merely an extension of these popular initiatives,…”

[Okay …. Wait … what popular initiatives? This is all based on some basketball game nobody knows about and some unheard of movie, your Huffington Post youtube link to which, moreover, still hasn’t generated one single comment after three freaking years?? Don’t the anti-Jew Spartan basketball team players at the center of all this watch youtube??]

“However, it is a grave mistake to think that such initiatives are the cause of Israel’s delegitimization.”

[Oh, thank goodness. I thought you were serious there for a second. Kidder!! Haha!!]

“Rather, it is Israel’s actions and policies that create its image as a practitioner of ethnic cleansing and an abuser of human rights.”

[Really? Then your job security is in some serious danger, bud!]

“Is it any wonder that the world has despaired of its leadership holding Israel accountable, and has therefore created popular initiatives like the Gaza flotillas, the Gaza Freedom marches, and the Global March to Jerusalem?”

[The world created this march? Excuse me, one second. Let me throw a dart at a world map on my wall … There … Is your average Yorkshireman cool with all this? Is he even aware of it? One question: Would you consider yourself a fanatic? If not, please tell me, what would an anti-Israel fanatic look like?]

“If there is a trend, it is toward increasing unity among the world’s peoples, with new partnerships and networks forming into larger and larger coalitions for action.”

[“If there is a trend”? So … you don’t know if there is a trend … but you’re sure you know what it looks like? What the hey? Come on. Help me out here, Dorkus. What the hell are you talkin’ about?]

“This is not likely to change due to Israeli propaganda, whitewashing, public relations efforts or other attempted manipulation of opinion.”

[What’s not likely to change?? The trend that you’re not sure exists??? Bruddah … was your roomate too busy too proofread this o wot? I mean, … it’s not likely to change even … even with pinkwashing??]

“You can’t fool all of the people all of the time,” said U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

[Yeah. You should take President Lincoln’s words to heart. I would only add that “Some people can fool themselves all of the time.”]

LukeHandCool (who is just procrastinating in between online accounting examinations).

    Henry Hawkins in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 28, 2012 at 11:23 am

    lol… if you see an ‘Enry ‘Awkins post of more than one paragraph, I’m likely putting off some disliked paperwork chore.

    Nice work, btw.

    LukeHandCool in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 28, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Looks like comments were disabled in the “Gaza We Are Coming Part 1” clip. My bad.

    But still … after three years only 24,000 views?

    Part 2 … total of about 8,600 views over three years?

    Part 3 … 7,000 views total after three years?!

    Sorry, man. Nobody is watching!!

Baruch Hashem
Here is something anyone can do to stand with Israel. March 30 is also the boycotting of Israeli goods. The American Israeli Chamber of Commerce is advertising with StandWithUs. to urge people to buy Israeli goods.
Oh, and pray as well. There is no God like the G-d of Israel!