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Me on African-American Conservatives radio

Me on African-American Conservatives radio

I was a guest last night on African-American Conservatives radio show.  The topics included Legal Insurrection blog history, the Rush controversy, boycott tactics, the Republican primaries, and Scott Walker.

The segment is embedded below, or you can listen directly at their website.  My segment starts at 22:00 (slide the bar over once it starts to load, it’s easier to do on the radio website).

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After your tweet Professor, I tuned in. I thought you did a fabulous job. You were not only informative, you were engaging. I admit that I have gotten so comfortable here, that I expected you to sound like my brother or uncle. I forgot we are seperated by the Mason Dixon Line.
Great job Professor.

Henry Hawkins | March 21, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Excellent. I have not yet experienced the prof in media, but want to. Seems I can’t ever listen live due to my busy schedule. At 10:30 pm last night I was reorganizing my Keanu Reeves film library and converting several 8 track music tapes to cassette.

Thanks for not saying anything bad about me professor. That would really freak me out.

That was a very smart and informative interview. CIVILIZED too. You weren’t badgered or cut-off even once. And the questions were well-presented too. Just goes to show that the problem with public radio is not so much the format but the content, a point I once made long ago when I worked for public radio (NPR).

Oh, and thanks for the Meatloaf songs. I used “Anything for Love” and what I think of as its companion song, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” to teach my oldest son the elements of a marriage negotiation.

I never thought of “Anything for Love” as a play on Beauty and the Beast.

I listened. I thought it was a nice job.