There’s something Bill Maher understands. What goes around comes around.

Media Matters and Think Progress can organize a campaign to attack Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers as a means — they hope — of forcing him off the air.  But what goes around comes around.

And it will.

So Maher has come to Limbaugh’s defense not on substance, but on the tactic of attacking advertisers:

Coming from Maher, there is a certain irony since he called Sarah Palin the “C” word, for which I don’t think he’s ever apologized:

I would prefer that advertisers be left alone.

But maybe the readers are right, and I was too squeamish yesterday. Maybe sunshine is not enough when fighting against the total political war.

I’ll have more on Carbonite later and in the coming days.

In the meantime, make your voices heard, because Media Matters and Think Progress can’t shut you up.

Update:  I stand with Rush.


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