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Liberal seeds of doubt on Limbaugh boycott likelihood of success

Liberal seeds of doubt on Limbaugh boycott likelihood of success

If you only read Media Matters and Think Progress, you’d think Rush Limbaugh was on the verge of losing his radio empire because 50 or more advertisers “dropped” him.

While Limbaugh has lost some important advertisers, it appears that many of the advertisers dropping him never advertised in the first place, and one of his highest profile and longest advertisers, Sleep Train, wanted back in but was denied.  As I’ve chronicled here, another high profile advertiser, Carbonite, shot its entire business strategy in the foot by dropping Limbaugh.

I take boycott seriously, as the totalitarian Media Matters (remember The Daily Caller’s exposé)  is fully behind it running daily blacklists of companies still advertising in the hope of forcing Limbaugh off the air.

But not everyone on the left is buying into the likelihood of success of the boycott.  Leslie Savan at The Nation writes:

So it’s been a bad week for Rush. Though maybe not quite as bad as CNN, MSNBC and some blogs have made it sound. They all reported that on Thursday WABC suffered more than five minutes of dead air time where ads were supposed to have run on Limbaugh’s show, leaving the impression that radios across Gotham fell into real radio silence.

But it wasn’t quite as simple, or as satisfying, as that. The five minutes and thirty-three seconds of dead air (distributed over four commercial pods in the three-hour show) occurred, as Media Matters reported, only on WABC’s online show, not on the station’s broadcast.

Savan goes on to quote an editor at Talkers as stating that the one week loss of advertisers is the biggest he remembers, but that the strength of Rush’s listener base makes a long term loss questionable:

“Here’s what matters: how many listeners start to pull out,” [Michael] Harrison continues. “Then there’s a problem for the future. We suspect that his audience is increasing now. The irony is that Limbaugh’s advertising is probably worth more than ever. But unless you believe that the American advertising industry has a high bar for standards and taste, then there will [eventually] be more advertisers coming on. We’re talking about nobody advertising on the number-one show in the business. How likely is that?”

Harrison notes that if Limbaugh left “terrestrial radio” for satellite, the loss of revenue to so many stations “including many stations that play liberal hosts, it will be another nail in the coffin of terrestrial radio.”

I think it will be worse than that, as conservatives organize to hold advertisers accountable for consistent advertising policies — drop Limbaugh, why not MSNBC in its entire evening schedule (there’s plenty to work with in the O’Donnell, Maddow  and Schultz archives), and a host of liberal commentators.

The Drudge Retort (a left-wing rebuff to the Drudge Report) similarly is pessimistic:

The dust up over Sleep Train, along with the blowback suffered by Carbonite over that company’s public denunciation of Limbaugh, demonstrates that the iconic radio talk show host is dealing from a position of strength in the campaign to deprive him of advertisers. One tends to prosper when one advertises on Limbaugh’s show. But cross him, and one will suffer.

The one overwhelming fact is that Limbaugh commands many millions of listeners. There is no evidence that any of them have stopped listening because of the kerfuffle with Sandra Fluke. Indeed, one suspects that Limbaugh has gained listeners, curious about what the fuss is all about. As long as the show maintains its listener base, it does not matter if any advertisers bail on Limbaugh for political reasons. There will always be others who will want to take their place, because it is good business to advertise on the most listened to radio talk show on the planet.

The situation demonstrates the power of the marketplace over politically inspired efforts to drive an iconic conservative radio voice off the air. Once again Limbaugh has defeated his enemies and has humbled them into the dust.

As for me, of course I’m concerned because this never has been about those two words or even the three days.  It’s an attempt to intimidate and silence conservative talk radio, so better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow I’ll have an example of the advertising double standard and how plenty of name brand companies do not hesitate to advertise with one of the leaders in attacking conservative women.  [New post now up, Gawker more acceptable than conservative talk radio for advertisers?]

Update:  The Hayride has an interesting post and video, NOW’s war on Rush.


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Professor, are you suggesting, perhaps, that Conservatives need to mount boycotts against those brands which “advertise with one of the leaders in attacking conservative women?” That might be an interesting endeavor but it also could be counter-productive in this war of words.

Still, how would we go about ensuring that victory be ours? Is that truly possible? IMHO, it might work yet not something that I would want to have happen.

Please post a list of all those advertisers who don’t want to advertise on “controversial talk radio programs.” I’ll make sure I contact EVERY STINKING ONE OF THEM and let them know I won’t be patronizing their establishments any longer.

This works both ways. If these executives want to politicize their companies that is their choice. But I won’t support companies that support the destruction of my first amendment rights. It is that simple. And that is MY choice.

Post the list, please…

I’m in. Already doing it – especially with movies – I’ve had it up to here with leftist memes. Certain actors – even ones I used to like, if they decide to start playing politics, they’re dead to me. Musicians also. They play the game that way. Turnabout is fair play.

    WarEagle82 in reply to Rose. | March 11, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    I almost never go to the cinema any longer. I won’t see movies with Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, Ed Asner, Cher, and many, many others. I am about to add Tom Hanks to the list.

    I am not going to help these leftists get rich off my wages. I am not going to allow these anti-capitalists to engage in capitalism at my expense so they can wreak the nation and the economy for my children and grandchildren.

    Frankly, NOT watching Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins movies is not exactly a great sacrifice. Bring it on. I’ll save my money for what matters…

    WarEagle82 in reply to Rose. | March 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Wait, does that mean you don’t play your Yanni or Kenny G albums any longer? I mean, for some people that would be a REAL sacrifice…

The real problem here for progressives is that they don’t understand business. In this case the business model that has made Rush what he is.

Yes, Rush gets his money from the advertisers. But the product he is selling are the listeners.

Controversies for Rush earn him MORE listeners. The more audience the more his words are worth to the advertisers.

If everyone had ignored his comments then he would be worse off than he is after this crap storm.

Go on. Make his next billion for him.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Kerrvillian. | March 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Advertisers want to get their message to Rush’s huge audience. The radical left wants to associate the advertisers to Rush’s message, AND to distort Rush’s message. So the advertiser has to weigh the advantage of advertising with Rush, against the negative they will get by being blasted from the radical left. In essence, the left will advertise against them (kneecap them) if they do not submit.

    The major news networks and Hollywood are ALL pretty much liberal, so it is hard to single out any of them for “punishment” via boycott. BUT those that dare to advertise with conservatives can be rewarded, and those that cave to leftist threats can be “punished”.

    The most vile of the left can be singled out, if we want to play their game. No HBO till Bill Maher is spanked and censored, and he apologizes to Palin on his knees? Should leftist CEO’s be labeled and targeted? If they kneecap conservatives, do conservatives have to kneecap liberals? The Obama administration says eventually it comes down to the barrel of a gun.

      Tamminator in reply to Midwest Rhino. | March 11, 2012 at 11:30 pm

      Um, since I worked in Hollywood for five years, I know their bottom line: MONEY.

      They don’t have the power they used to have.
      All they have now are reality TV whores who they sell like chachkes.

      Rush is something they may TRY to take on, but they know they have no chance against a consistent powerhouse.

        LukeHandCool in reply to Tamminator. | March 12, 2012 at 12:37 am

        “They don’t have the power they used to have.”

        I have to admit … that’s one good thing about video games.

        Our son and his friends would much rather spend their time hunting down and killing muslim terrorists and Nazis in their video games than watch a movie.

        There really seems to be a lot of potential in video games for kids to learn history.

        One thing that really irritates me about K-12 education is the shortchanging today’s kids get in history about the enormous sacrifice in blood that has allowed them this life.

        The video games seem to be doing a better job at teaching that than the teachers … and the occasional great movie like “Saving Private Ryan.” I made him watch that and “Schindler’s List.”

        A little bit of home schooling!

    WarEagle82 in reply to Kerrvillian. | March 11, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    It is not that “Progressives” don’t understand business.

    “Progressives” don’t understand reality…

Limbaugh was right. Fluke defined herself in public testimony, as did the Democrats who invited her.

Just as when the Tea Party’s message exposing progressive involuntary exploitation resonated throughout America, and we concluded that redistributive and retributive change are sponsors of corruption, we also recognize that our culture, relationships (e.g. marriages), family, and people have been corrupted. Fluke’s testimony provides evidence for a principle cause of that corruption. Men and women with dreams of instant gratification which are incompatible with both the natural and enlightened (i.e. conscious) orders. The Fluke corruption specifically describes that dating has come to focus on “friends with benefits” and not learning about a man or woman’s personality and character. It should not be surprising that the great majority of marriages have concluded with irreconcilable differences. The husband and wife never actually knew each other or their untold expectations.

The Fluke corruption describes a principal cause for progressive corruption of individuals and society: instant gratification, and specifically physical gratification… without consequence. The prominence of STDs, including HIV, the dysfunctional families, the normalization of abortion, and other deviant behaviors, in the last few decades did not happen spontaneously. This is not a side issue or a distraction. It strikes at the heart of the malaise that afflicts our society and the policies which sustain it.

limbaugh’s economic recovery will be faster than obamas.

“Undefeated” in Reelz at 7:00 in a few minutes, just FYI.

LukeHandCool | March 11, 2012 at 7:52 pm

Is it just me or is there a sudden macho “Dallas Drawl” in the good Professor’s writing style?

We need conservative young people to start marching through the institutions.

If there are two conservatives for every liberal in this country, then we need the conservatives to start taking up careers in education and the media. They may have to keep their heads low and their true opinions to themselves until a critical mass is reached … but we need two conservatives for every liberal in the journalism schools, in the teaching positions in the schools, and in the broadcast and print newsrooms.

It’s either that or get some creative investing going and create a conservative Hollywood.

We cannot continue to compete against liberal Hollywood.

    LukeHandCool in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 11, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    I mean create a conservative alternative to Hollywood.

    And, I mean we cannot continue to compete for the minds of the young without an alternative to liberal Hollywood.

      Hope Change in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 11, 2012 at 8:21 pm

      I agree, LukeHandCool. This was what Andrew Breitbart said, too — culture is upstream of politics. Culture matters.

      I think there is a generational shift also unfolding. 20-year-olds can see what’s ossified in their geriatric professors who are still wedded to pre-last-century communist/socialist dogma. Many young people are getting fed up with a failed ideology that denies freedom to the human spirit.

      That’s why it is so crucial to liberate the elementary schools from the grip of the teachers unions — note — the unions, not the teachers. Many teachers are dedicated and would be brilliant if allowed to teach using their creativity and ingenuity. Little children must be allowed to develop, free of Leftist propaganda, in a wholesome school environment that supports their individual capabilities and their natural desire to fulfill their lives.

      I fully support the awakening of the conservatives of “Classical Liberals” in Hollywood. The cycle is turning. The transformation is beginning. Faster, please.

        Tamminator in reply to Hope Change. | March 11, 2012 at 11:31 pm

        Great analogy, hope.

        LukeHandCool in reply to Hope Change. | March 12, 2012 at 12:14 am

        You said it, Hope Change!

        I really want politics out of my kids’ classrooms!

        The lefty idealogue teachers with their latest educational fads from the university education programs are always a disaster.

        Our son is in his first year at my old middle school. For P.E. they are currently doing …. hip hop dancing 🙁

      AmandaFitz in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 11, 2012 at 9:48 pm

      My daughter was the one who told me to see “Taken,” which she loved (as did I) and all of my kids loved “24” and got me to start watching it. There are a few television shows I love- “Blue Bloods” with Tom Selleck, “Justified,” “NCIS,” etc. Most kids seem to have a short attention span, so keeping their interest is tough.

        LukeHandCool in reply to AmandaFitz. | March 12, 2012 at 12:07 am


        I was so out of the pop culture loop. I hadn’t watched TV, except for nature & documentary shows, for years. I asked a TV/movie fanatic at work (a patriotic gay guy whose taste I trust) to name me just one TV show to watch … the absolute best … and he told me “24.”

        Wow was it good!! And some of the bad guys were actually muslim terrorists! Imagine that!

        He also recommended “Taken.” Loved that, too.

          Ratteau in reply to LukeHandCool. | March 13, 2012 at 11:44 am

          I, too, loved 24 until about Season 5, when Fox caved to pressure from CAIR to air a disclaimer after an episode which had the audacity of portraying a Muslim as a terrorist. Sutherland dropped a lot on my watchability rating after that at well…


    It exists already. become a citizen producer at Declaration Entertainment to take back American Culture.

    I joined shortly after I saw Bill Whittle pitch the operation. there are two movies now I the pipeline: The Arroyo and Aurora.

Ragspierre | March 11, 2012 at 7:43 pm

Thanks Rags, I was just going to remind people too.

This is something that has been bothering me for a while – the pronunciation of Sandra Fluke’s last name. Every time I hear it, it brings to mind another word! Just sayin’!

Bless their little hearts….

stevewhitemd | March 11, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Two quick points:

1) The jump to satellite radio is fraught with problems. Howard Stern has had problems. It’s not a compelling option, least of all because there’s a lot of churn in the business. Rush has a sweet deal with the terrestrial stations right now based on his ability to draw listeners and thus advertising. He won’t move to another forum unless that no longer works.

2) As the Instapundit points out, boycott the people who are against us and patronize the ones that are for you. I don’t get HBO so unfortunately I couldn’t call them to cancel, but there are other things I buy and use in my life that, on reflection, I’d be perfectly okay without. There are other things I don’t buy that, if I knew the money would help keep something going that I believe in, I’d reconsider.

It’s as good a strategy as there is. Besides supporting bloggers you like, of course 🙂

    How is Beck doing after leaving Fox and his switch to live streaming from his own web site?

    Frankly, once I learned of Beck’s purported throwing Breitbart under the bus with regard to the Shirley Sherrod/Pigford, I have reservations about Beck.

      Hope Change in reply to logos. | March 11, 2012 at 8:59 pm

      Hi logos, — me, too. Only more than reservations.

      For me, it was when I tuned in to one of Glenn Beck’s early independent programs, and he had on some “comedian” whose “jokes were” all at SArah Palin’s expense. And completely not funny. Just jeering at Sarah Palin. I’ve never really watched Glenn Beck since that day.

      Although I did see a couple of minutes, on YouTube, I think, of Glenn Beck purporting to interview NEWt. And I saw him just trashing Newt, Glenn Beck rolling his eyes, looking at his producer as if in disbelief, as Newt was answering (Newt was on the phone and couldn’t see Glenn’s face, but the viewer could). How rude. I wouldn’t have thought Glenn Beck was capable of being so disrespectful to a guest on his show.

      I can’t take Glenn Beck seriously any more and I think it is a terrible loss.

      To me, Glenn Beck seems to have gone off the deep end, into a part of the pool that I didn’t even know existed. Sayonara — “farewell, good-bye” 1875, from Japanese, literally, “if it is to be that way,” from sayo “that way,” + nara “if.”

      Scorpio51 in reply to logos. | March 12, 2012 at 7:06 am

      I don’t listen to Glenn Beck anymore either after his trashing of Newt. He went after Tea Party people if they supported Newt, as well.

IMO, the problem with shifting to a focus on boycotts, as a strategy for the freedom-loving person, is that it takes time and energy to find all the people I disagree with and then boycott them.

My primary desire is to live and let live in mutual respect for one another’s freedom.

The boycott is the Left’s method for applying the Alinsky strategy of trying to destroy anyone who won’t do things your way.

I despise the Left for trying to destroy others who are just trying to live free and do things their own way. I WANT people to do things their won way. I LIKE people being able to do things their own way.

OTH, I also refuse, to the extent that I can and that I’m able, to do business with people who are trying to ruin my freedoms and my free way of life. So I can also see the point of boycotting those who take my dollars and then support moveon or whoever. Totally. I would have cancelled Carbonite if I had had them.

As I write this, though, I can only remember that we are engaged, at this moment, in a life-and-death, do-or-die struggle with the Left, at a time when the Left think they are coming in for the coup de grace and the kill. The Left has never been in a stronger position to destroy freedom in America than they are right now. And they know it. And they know we’re fighting back. This is a huge, last-ditch shove from the Left, trying to collapse our economy and freedoms all at once.

I don’t know when the stakes have been higher internally, domestically, in the U.S.

As I’ve said, I believe Newt is the only candidate who can help us reverse the damage done and have a truly strong, good future. As important as the larger cultural issues are, the election is NOW. Newt will win if Newt is the nominee.

People are voting in Alabama and Mississippi the day after tomorrow.

If you support NEwt, make sure you vote. Help others to vote. Sign up at Send money if you want to. Do it now.

Because the outcome of this fall’s election is being decided NOW and in the coming weeks.

    stevewhitemd in reply to Hope Change. | March 11, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Hope, the good news about boycotts is that for us on the Right, we don’t need to boycott all the ninnies out there.

    We just pick a couple and let ’em have it.

    Example: HBO and Bill Maher. Easy enough to do; HBO is not a necessity in life for anyone, and canceling to let the suits there know that you don’t appreciate Mr. Maher is an easy way to send a message (one that they’re getting, judging from Mr. Maher’s reaction).

    It’s like working with a mule: you can get a mule to do anything you want, but first you have to get its attention. Hence the big stick.

    I too prefer to live and let live. But when someone crosses the line the way it’s been done these last two weeks, it’s time to take some action.

The Left tends to politicize everything, kind of like farm animals tend to get sh*t on everything. It’s just what they do.

The problem for the Right is how to react. If business is politicized do we ignore it, or respond politically? I think in the case of business at least, we need to respond. The goal being to incent businesses to remain apolitical. Not only is that the right result, it also deprives the Left of a tool it relies on.

    quiznilo in reply to Same Same. | March 11, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    No. If businesses choose to make political statements, it is incumbent upon you to support those statements or to oppose those statements. You vote with your wallet. You fight their politics with economics.

    It’s easy, for lunch, I hit Chick-fil-a, unless it’s Sunday. For my tools, it’s always Lowes before Home Depot.

Perhaps boycott is not the proper way to think of this. Advertising is a powerful tool that must be carefully balanced to avoid this type of situation because a good C.E.O. knows the power of the American wallet.

My past career was as a representative for various manufacturers including the largest consumer products corporation in the world….one thing I learned right from the start was that I could have a product to offer that far exceeded that of any other but who reaped the profits was many times every bit as important as the product itself.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard from a business owner or other customer that he/she would be more than happy to try my product because ‘I refuse to buy anything from that other company after what I heard about them’ I’d now be as rich as Rush Limbaugh.

That being said….Brand A reeks with a bit of corruption so let us all try brand B.

Subotai Bahadur | March 11, 2012 at 10:23 pm

From what I understand, there have been a lot of cancellations on HBO with the reason cited being the obscene politics of Bill Maher and the movie “Game Change”. Enough, at least, that some cable systems are offering to cut the rate to $5.00 a month if they keep HBO. Such an offer would have to be authorized by HBO, which means the cancellations have to have reached a level they do not like. I hope it can be kept up.

Hope Change @ March 11, 2012 at 8:44 pm

IMO, the problem with shifting to a focus on boycotts, as a strategy for the freedom-loving person, is that it takes time and energy to find all the people I disagree with and then boycott them.

We live in a culture that is dominated by our enemies. We can’t boycott everything. But if we play whack-a-mole with the most egregious Leftist attacks and insults, take down one and be ready for the next one; eventually either businesses or the Left may learn that it is counterproductive for them.

If they don’t learn, it does not hurt us and if we can take down at least a few of the enemy; it is better than we are doing now.

Subotai Bahadur

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | March 11, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    UPDATE: I checked, and the rate that was quoted if the subscriber rescinded cancelling HBO was NOT $5.00 a month. It was $5.00 A YEAR.

    Subotai Bahadur

      Tamminator in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | March 11, 2012 at 11:35 pm

      I wouldn’t pay a nickel to get HBO.
      They must be desperate.
      Thanks for point that out, Bahadur.

        LukeHandCool in reply to Tamminator. | March 12, 2012 at 12:22 am

        I don’t subscribe to HBO, but I now feel like subscribing to it …. just so I can turn around a week later and cancel it and tell ’em I’m cancelling because of Maher.

DINORightMarie | March 11, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Rush is in a position of strength, as these leftist reluctantly admit. And that is what the left typically doesn’t get.

They also don’t get that the more they attack Sarah Palin, the stronger she gets! This is the next assault to shut up a patriot, IMHO (via gatewaypundit): Barack Obama Still Releasing Campaigns Against Sarah Palin.

MMfA fingerprints all over that one! They just don’t get it.

Having just watched Atlas Shrugged, Part I on Netflix, my thoughts go to the name that best fits the movie – “Who is John Galt?”

Don’t be surprised if the Big Talkers, led by Rush, don’t end up on Satellite radio.

The thing the left doesn’t seem to realize is first, that many recovering liberals such as myself really don’t care to listen to Rush, however I absolutely believe in his right to stay on the air.
Don’t like listening to Rush? Don’t!
But don’t silence him.

Second, the man apologized & I thought it was a decent thing to do. I have yet to hear one sound unequivocal
condemnation of Bill Maher, or the other liberal men/women who degrade women over and over again, and yet the so called “party of women” stays silent. The double standard is so thick now it cannot be missed. Just recently NOW’s chief openly said its ok for Bill Maher to give all that money to the dems because they want to be elected.

So, what does say? These lefty people have no morals, no principles, nothing, anything and everything is for sale, as long as its for power.

I’m wondering if they even realise just how many people who used to support them [the dems/liberals] no longer do, and won’t for a long time.

I support Rush’s voice to stay on the air, I don’t listen to it, but he has every right to stay on the air, every right for that voice to be heard.

    Tamminator in reply to alex. | March 11, 2012 at 11:40 pm

    Alex, it’s too bad you don’t listen to him.
    I had heard what a meanie he was for years, and I didn’t listen to him.
    In the spring of 2008, I was driving home from Milwaukee, and heard decided to give the guy a try.

    I laughed so hard and got more information about how I was being manipulated by the media than I had ever gotten before.

    By the end of the summer, I became involved in my first political campaign EVER.

    Go listen. You’ll know what I mean once you listen.

      ohiochili in reply to Tamminator. | March 12, 2012 at 6:11 am

      Rush was a big factor in my breaking out of my lib cocoon. I had a conservative co-worker at the time, and I liked her and wanted to bring her out of the dark ages and save her. I decided to investigate some conservative sites on the web and listen to Rush, mainly to get some ammunition to shoot down her positions. (you know, go in to the dragon’s den type stuff) When I checked the progressive sites for the real truth on stories Rush discussed, I found their stuff twisted and skewed if I found anything at all.
      It was not long before I was taking my lunch at noon so I could listen. That was in 2006, and I have been a Dittohead since. My co-worker and Rush saved me from political stupidity for which I will be forever grateful.
      One more note…I used to think Rush was an ugly old fat guy…he’s gotten much better looking since my conversion.

    alex in reply to alex. | March 12, 2012 at 7:36 am

    You;re right, the main reason I don’t listen to him is because of what I have heard in the past, namely him making fun of Michael J Fox’s illeness during the 2006 campaign. To be fair, I only heard about via NBC news ( I still listened and believed the MSM news back then). That story was enough for me to donate to Claire Mcskill of Missouri, who narrowly won.

    So, did I know the full context of that Fox story? no, and based on this Fluke story, when the MSM clearly has mispresented the story, it is very possible that they misrepresented that Fox story back then also.
    Maybe one of these days I will listen to him, I like listening to Mark Levin, Rush not so much, but I’ll take your advise and listen to Rush one of these days.

    Since some recovering liberals have recommended him, I will keep an open mind and try listening to him, if I don’t like it, I still won’t listen, but I support his right to stay on the air.

Correction: Do not be surprised when the Big Talkers, led by Rush, end up on Satellite radio.

Rush is broadcast on 600 radio stations with 18,000 advertisers. He also live streams over the internet and is available every where there is internet access. Rush will be fine. Do not doubt me on this.

    Tamminator in reply to Indigo Red. | March 11, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Ha! “Do not doubt me on this”.
    Love it.

    wodiej in reply to Indigo Red. | March 12, 2012 at 10:06 am

    yes, think of all the people who heard his ugly, vulgar, profane remarks about a woman because she was a liberal.

      OcTEApi in reply to wodiej. | March 12, 2012 at 10:55 am

      Ironically it was mostly only liberals expressed faux outrage toward the truth expressed about one of their main electoral constituencies, entitlement society trollops and harlots.

I have had Sirius in my car since 2009 and am sick of the repetition. I am not likely to renew the subscription to the filth, playlists and polemics. I have to pay to listen to all the tacky commercial garbage that is in the public domain for free? Nope, not again. I have to pay to listen to potty mouth? Nope, pass. My vote on paying for condescencion and pandering: No.

Go Rush! Thanks, Professor.

Uncle Samuel | March 12, 2012 at 1:39 am

Just watched the righteous conservative version of this weekend’s Sarah Palin movie, The Undefeated online.

The first five minutes will make your argument for you, Professor Jacobson.

They had to tone it down to make PG-13, but you certainly get a whiff of sulphur and brimstone…It’s eye-opening, stunning. I had no idea the tolerant crowd was so vile…of course, I avoid them anyway.

The movie itself is well-done and encouraging. Andrew Breitbart as well as Mark Levin are two of the narrators. I loved it.

    They had to tone it down to make PG-13

    I think the DVD has the “R” version — maybe it’s even “X.” I’ll have to watch it. But even the PG-13 version is cringe-worthy.

    I watched it last night and loved it. Teared up when I saw & heard Breitbart. One of the things that struck me was Sarah Palin has been dealing with these disgustingly vile ad hominem attacks since the 90s because she was trying to clean out the corruption up there.

    I was also surprised that in Alaska, the governor is also the CEO of the state. So, besides their family’s fishing business, she has real business experience.

I’m going to write up a technical analysis of Carbonite and offer it to Tom Lifson at American Thinker. Maybe title it:

Carbonite: Caveat Rush
NASDAQ:CARB — This Turkey is Toast

The financials of any other publicly-traded Rush boycotters certainly merit inspection (at and discussion (here and elsewhere).

N.B. that anybody who bought Carbonite stock based upon its Limbaugh/Levin advertising ubiquity has squandered their investment. NASDAQ:CARB popped up to $17/share last summer, has slid to $8, and is headed “Down Among the Dead Men” as a result of its hopeless financials and its CEO’s high-profile failed kamikaze mission against Battleship Limbaugh.

I have no doubt that Limbaugh and Levin would have second thoughts about advertising for companies like Carbonite that have untenable financials.

Carbonite is a dinosaur dot-com. A throwback to the days when venture capitalists would throw money at business plans written on napkins.

While its product may work, Carbonite’s business plan does not. Like Socialism, it is running out of other-people’s-money to spend.

(That is clearly why it IPO’d last summer … it had only six months’ of cash in the bank after losing $88 million, and it couldn’t get more venture capital directly. Now it has 30 months of cash on hand, despite losing $100 million, and its VCs have an opportunity to slither away from their bad investment. Go figure!)

Carbonite’s published financials show that it is on track to run out of money and either shut down or face liquidation by acquisition in a fire-sale of its assets.

Other things being equal, it would be conservatively-correct for Limbaugh and Levin to consider potential advertisers’ financials, for the sake of listeners who buy the product and/or stock.

There are plenty of MBA listeners out there who can read financial statements like sheet music and who would gladly offer Rush and Mark professional opinions about the published financials of potential sponsors. (Heck, Rush could just ask The Donald to have his people review the numbers.)

Phil Kaplan’s book still merits reading — with a jaundiced eye toward Carbonite. “The graveyard of dot-com disasters is overflowing with grandiose ideas gone spectacularly bad.”

Rush won’t be hurt by advertisers pulling out, in fact I see it as a plus for him.

Wondering what becomes of the Gloria Allred kerfuffle? I see Rush loving her involvement.

    AmandaFitz in reply to Scorpio51. | March 12, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Yes, Ms. Allred is known for being such a “principled” attorney. It will be interesting to listen to Mark Steyn today. (And, don’t you know the MSM is going to portray Rush’s being off the air this week as his “running away” from the controversy over Ms. Fluke! Of course, anyone who has listened to Rush for over a year, knows that he has standard, pre-set golf vacations annually.

Limbaugh supporters still do not want to make Limbaugh accountable for the nasty things he said. Advertising drop no big deal….liberals do it so what’s the big deal. This is not going away and the continuous postings of defending Limbaugh is NOT HELPING HIM. Liberals are mad hatters trying to get him off the air, threatening to sue him.

Conservatives are few and far between or they would not be advocating this kind of foul, vulgar language.

    OcTEApi in reply to wodiej. | March 12, 2012 at 10:47 am

    KMA, its not about Limbaugh or foul language.

    The leftist would use any opportunity to pogo stick onto their soapbox, attack conservatives while forwarding their own anti-American agenda with LSM enabled propaganda campaign.

    gasper in reply to wodiej. | March 12, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    wodiej: you really need to catch up on this story. We passed the stage of vulgar and offensive language on the day this incident occurred. It is fairly clear that is not, and never was the issue.

I happen across this website over two years ago and copied this before it was eventually scrubbed.

Its a ten point leftist plan that supports Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.
This is a suggested list of potential Task Group assignments:
New Indicators (Obama Virtual Economy)
New Financial System (Dodd-Frank legislation shift to Chinese style Market Socialism)
New Money (self explanitory, destroy the USD and its influence around the globe as default currency of choice)
New Market Rules (Dodd-Frank legislation shift to Chinese style Market Socialism)
New Media and Communications (social media leftist activism)
New Post-Carbon Energy and Built Infrastructure (self explanatory, globull warming, greenism, eco-religious indoctrination of children, climate change, mythic green energy, and environmental extremism all acting the surrogate for their failed communist-styled ideas.)
New Food System (Mooch, urban garden, foodslut)
New Manufacturing (same old Bolshevik plots to take over industry)
New International Rules and Institutions
Decommissioning/Conversion, which will develop decommissioning/conversion
Plans for the following:
Wall Street
Military/Industrial Complex
Private Benefit Corporations
The Bretton Woods Institutions (IMF/World Bank/WTO)


Anyone who’s surprised by the leftist attacks on Advertising (including Leslie Savan) as anything more than business as usual for anti-American leftists after their many failed attempts to institute the Fairness Doctrine is just not paying attention.

And calls for organized attacks on liberal media advertising sources, how is that not just embracing leftist tactics and emboldening any one of their agenda points listed above?

A time for choosing.
Make Mine Freedom

The National Organization of Whores (sorry to give whores a bad name) are making war on Rush? Oh please! These are the same bimbos who bowed down on knee pads before Clinton and did not utter a word in defense of any of the women abused by him. These area the same whores who refused to defend Sarah Palin and other Conservative women who have had the vilest things said about them by the Left. Now they’re making war on Limbaugh for “slut”? Bill Maher is laughing somewhere out there.

Here is the list of advertisers who pulled their ads from his show:
21st Century Insurance • • Rite Aid • Ace Hardware • Honda • Robitussin • Acura • IBM • Sam Adams • Advance Auto Parts • Icy Hot • Sam’s Club • Advil (All products) • Intuit/Small Business • Schiff – Digestive Advantage • Alacer/Emergen-C • Schiff – Mega Red • Allegra (all products) • Johnson & Johnson (All Brands) • Schiff – Move Free • Kohl’s • Schiff – Sustenex • Ally Bank • La Quinta • Scotts Miracle-Gro (all products) • American Express • Lifetime • Autozone • Little Caesars • Sony • Boston Beer • Lowe’s • State Farm • British Petroleum • Luxottica • Staples • Bullfrog Sunblock • Macy’s • Sterling/Kay Jared Jewelers • Caltrate • MasterCard • Subway • Centrum • McDonalds • Takeda Uloric • Chapstick • Midas • The Home Depot • Clorox (Pinesol/Homecare) • Napa Auto Parts • ThermaCare • Cortizone • National Realtor • Toyota • DeVry • NBC-TV • Discover Card • Office Depot • Twinings of London • Domino’s Pizza • Office Max • Tyson/Wright Brand Bacon • Exxon/Exxon Mobil • One Main Financial • Unisom • Farmers Insurance • United Healthcare • Ford • Orkin • U.S. Army • Outback • U. S. Postal Service • General Motors (All products -GM Certified Service • Chevy • Onstar • Cadillac • etc) • Preparation H • Visa • Gold Bond (all products • ProNutrients (all products) • Walgreens • Grainger • Progressive Insurance • Wal-Mart • Green Mountain Coffee • Prudential • Wells Fargo • Hallmark • Radio Shack • Wrigley • H&R Block • Rent-A-Center • Yahoo!

I listen to Rush on a Sacramento station or internet and have not heard ads for many of the companies listed. So many of the advertisers are local businesses and are participate in package ad times – two businesses buy a 30 secs of a 60 sec ad period – and have no choice of what radio program is airing. At least one company in my town stopped their ads because their six month contract expired; seeing no increase in business from the ads during the Limbaugh time slot, didn’t renew.

[…] Stay tuned. Things don’t seem to be following the narrative here. More from Prof. Jacobson. […]

Given that the boycott is being run by Media Matters, wouldn’t it be best to find out who their funders are and boycott them?

The tricky bit I see about boycotting the advertisers driven off of conservative shows is that most of the advertisers end up in a no-win scenario, and it could easily convince them to simply not advertise on political mediums at all. All they will learn is that politics of any sort is a death-trap for them.

If we nip it at the source, then the advertisers will learn that they have nothing to fear from the blandishments of the left.

[…] Insurrection, which has been ground zero on the Rush wars notes that amid some big talk from Media Matters et al., some on the left can still count: The dustup […]

[…] Insurrection which has been ground zero on the Rush wars notes that amid some big talk from media matters et/al some of the left can still count: The dust up over Sleep Train, along with the blowback […]

[…] as large chunks of the left talk to themselves some members of the left (via legal insurrection and my under the fedora column) demonstrate they can still count: The dustup over Sleep Train, […]