Kohler, based in Wisconsin, has joined the Rush Limbaugh boycott, according to tweets it sent out yesterday from its Twitter account, @Kohler:

It is not clear that Kohler actually ever advertised on the Limbaugh show, almost certainly not nationally.  This may be another of the pre-emptive moves to take the pressure off.

I e-mailed Kohler’s media relations department last night for clarification of its policy, whether it advertised before, and what caused Kohler to announce this new policy yesterday.

Unlike the people who complained on Twitter, Kohler has not yet responded to me.

This all is part of a pre-organized plan and methodology which I have discussed before and about which Jeffrey Lord writes today, The Plot to Get Rush:

Disrupt Relationships With Sponsors: A serious campaign has been underway to disrupt Rush’s relationships with his sponsors. An effort launched two years — two years — before Sandra Fluke ever appeared on the scene.

Keep Lists to Intimidate Sponsors: Ominous lists are kept of sponsors who have been bullied into giving up their First Amendment rights– and those who have stoutly resisted.

Propagandize the Media: The media is quickly propagandized with a false story. In this case, Sandra Fluke is portrayed as an innocent college girl when she is in fact a 30-year old longtime left-wing activist.

Social Media: Use Twitter to play Chinese Roulette.

The White House and Media Matters: “Close coordination” with the White House.

The Media Matters $100,000 Secret Donor fund to attack free speech: A hundred grand bounty designed to both end Rush’s career — and assault your God-given right to free speech.

There is push back against Kohler on Twitter:

As Lord details, it is much easier for an advertiser to run from controversy when contronted by Media Matters and others, but it is important that those who oppose Media Matters’ tactics also push back:

What is it Angelo Carusone is quoted as doing in that 2010Raw Story interview? A story that was in fact focused on Glenn Beck?

Here’s the verbatim.

“…Carusone is mounting similar campaigns targeting Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and CNN.”

Beck is now off Fox’s air.

The Rush campaign is now in progress — but in spite of all this, in fact precisely because of all this, his audience is sticking — not to mention getting pretty damn mad….

Is this still America?

Only if we fight back.

We don’t need to overstate the impact of advertisers such as Kohler playing to the Media Matters crowd, but they do need to hear voices of actual customers.


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