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Iran already is at war with us

Iran already is at war with us

From The Times of Israel:

Twenty-two people have been arrested in Azerbaijan on suspicion of planning terror attacks on the Israeli and American embassies and on top diplomats from these and other countries, local media in the country reported on Wednesday.

The Azeri Ministry of National Security said the group was believed to be linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, IRGC), local TV station AZTV reported. Members were said to have been recruited locally and to have been trained in Iran. It was not clear when they were arrested.

Members of the group were planning to attack the Israeli and US embassies in Baku, the capital city, and had been stocking up on weapons and explosives, the report said. They also planned to target top diplomats from the US, Israel and other countries.

Bloomberg further reports:

The group received training and funding from Sepah [Iranian Revolutionary Guards] to carry out terrorist attacks against the embassies of Israel, the U.S. and other western nations located in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku, the Ministry of National Security said today in a statement. Twenty-two members of the group, all of them Azerbaijani nationals, have been arrested, it said.

The ministry last month uncovered a terrorist group with alleged ties to Sepah and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, detaining suspects who’d acquired weapons and were planning attacks against foreign embassies and nationals in Baku, state television channel AzTV reported Feb. 21.


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Iran has been killing Americans pretty openly for years and years.

Most of the IEDs that employ metal-jet armor perpetrators are from one source…Iran. Those have killed many US and allied troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Iran has shown utter contempt for any international finger-wagging. Why should they not?

    OcTEApi in reply to Ragspierre. | March 14, 2012 at 10:59 am

    Iran was the primary source of training, funding for the insurgents in Iraq, I believe they’re influence reaches to Pakistan and now Latin America as well.

    Pretty much wherever they can promote Death to America.

    I have faith that there are some patriotic Americans in the CIA and also with our ally Israel that are proactively providing some push back, on the DL of course.

Oh for a President Gingrich to define and implement a coherent, intelligent and honest strategy for dealing with the real enemy – Islam-o-fascism.

Amen to that, Uncle Samuel!

Obama is girding his loins with the armor of apology.

The Mad Mullahs™ have been at war with us since the fall of the Shah. It is no surprise. I help moderate a group blog (Rantburg) that follows the War on Terror, and Iran is clearly behind a lot of what we are seeing, not just in the Middle East but around the world in terror.

If we’re not willing to step up and deal with them directly at some point they will get nuclear weapons, and they will use the threat of those weapons to advance their agenda. If we won’t stop them we’d better get out of the way and let Israel do it.

But, but, but… “The regime in Iran is a very rational regime,” so uttered the former Israeli Mossad chief, Meir Dagan during a recent interview.

Geeeez, I wonder if that’s the reason that he is the “former” chief?

All of this because of the action of one J. Carter in 1978.

Rational indeed…