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Harvard Week

Harvard Week

Starts today.

More evidence of the education bubble.

On Monday be sure to check out:

Positivity: Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations:  Join HLSRJ and Good Vibrations for a short discussion of positivity, a demo, then Q&A. Free Food!

You had me at “Free Food!”

“HLSRJ” is the Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  If only they had offered such activities when I was at Harvard Law School, I might have amounted to something.

Um, did they say “Pride”?

Boycott Harvard! Or at least its advertisers donors.


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Harvard appears to be self-boycotting. You can’t teach those who are “contra-cepted’ or aborted.

nordic_prince | March 25, 2012 at 9:12 am

Ugh. Probably not as bad, but kind of reminds me of that Northwestern prof who had the live sex toy demonstration after his Human Sexuality class.

Not bad I mean, where else could one learn this here intellectual stuff for $50,000 a year, huh?

Here in Seattle we have a transit system called the South Lake Union Trolley. When it was named, everyone giggled and said it was cute. (Here’s where you can buy your “Ride the S.L.U.T.” T-shirt: Anyone who complained or said the name was inappropriate was labelled a “fanatical puritanical moralist.”

Suddenly the left is soooooo offended by the word that they need to remove Rush from the airwaves.

Their righteous indignation somehow doesn’t appear genuine.

‘Reproductive Justice’ ???

Wonder if Frank Luntz, who helps both Democrats and Republicans come up with publically palatable euphemisms (fig leaves) for fomenting their agenda objectives on the malleable minds of the masses, came up with that one.

RJ along with ‘Marriage Equality’ are the trojan (pun intended) horses of the PC culture war.

These catch phrases are repeated over and over accompanied by plaintive pitiful sincere-sounding stories so that people will swallow their medicine without objection. But if they don’t they get ‘Limbaughed’, Alinskyed, Occupied – or worse – Nation of Islam, Sharpton, Soros and/or Hoffa threats of death, riots, violence, anarchy.

According to Glenn Beck (whom I listen to with many grains of salt), the Union (NEA, SIEU, etc.) conglomerate, Soros-backed groups (environmental, abortion, LBGTetc) Nation of Islam/Black groups, Communist/fascists, OWS organizers and the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR are all joined in the effort to dominate/take over the election/US system.

Having watched these groups operate for many years, it seems entirely possible.

Re “Slut-pride.” Yes, there is an incoherence to this…it’s ok for the left to use the word…but not the right. It’s ok with the PC crowd for Maher, the late-nighters and the rappers to use vile obscenities and ad hominem attacks.

Hypocrisy or an incomplete, incoherent, innately-conflicting, self-contradicting, ideology is the primary characteristic of the Left from the LBGTs to Marxism/Fascism, to Islam.

This distance from truth and self-contradiction, and their lack of forgiveness and mercy is the reason for their irrationality, instability, rage and violence.

It is the reason for the continual conflicts in Islam, and in the unstable relationships among the liberals. This perpetuates the pain and rage.

It starts early in their lives. One writer calls the Democrats as they exist today, the PTSD party.

Many a dictator, inciter of revolutions, founder of totalitarian or utopian ideologies, movements of great upheaval and destruction was an abused, fatherless, abandoned child.

Yale beats Harvard:

We heard over and over from students, faculty, and staff that “Sex Week at Yale,” a student-sponsored event, is highly problematic. A student-initiated event begun in 2002, it has described itself as “a campus-wide interdisciplinary sex education program.” Over time, this event clearly has lost the focus of its stated intention. Although “Sex Week at Yale” continues to promote consideration of some serious topics, like international sex trafficking, in recent years it has prominently featured titillating displays, “adult” film stars, and commercial sponsors of such material. We recommend that “Sex Week at Yale” be prohibited from using Yale’s name and any Yale facilities…

Oh, my God! I’ve figured it out!

Blacks are allowed to use “the N-word,” but no one else is allowed.

Gays can use the word “queer.”

Leftists are allowed to use the word “slut” freely because it’s their descriptor.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but the big problem with these gatherings is that the only people who would attend are butt-ugly and otherwise unattractive.

I wouldn’t touch the free food.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 25, 2012 at 12:52 pm

I have an idea for a really radical, cutting edge, student association for the Harvard Law brainiacs. Harvard Law Students for Pre-born Children, or HLSPC for short.

I’d also like to recommend that the Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice change the name of their organization to something that more accurately describes what they represent. I suggest The Harvard Law Students in Favor of Violently Dismembering and Sucking the Brains of Pre-born Children From the Womb. Kinda catchy, right?


And after the Free Food! will there be, ah, Free Sluts!?

[…] to the geniuses at Harvard for the morally bankrupt sex week. As Instapundit has chronicled and Professor Jacobson has pointed out on numerous occasions, there is a higher education bubble that is bound to burst. […]

How the mighty have fallen. Harvard is a pale shadow of what it once was.

Uncle Samuel | March 25, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Hate to say it, but the Catholic Church does not have a leg to stand on when:

Notre Dame invited President Third Term Abortion and Infanticide, Gay Propaganda Promulgator to speak at a commencement ceremony and receive an honorary doctorate.

That year, ND also had a ‘gay’ festival of sorts during Holy Week. They have also held a performance of Vagina Monologues on campus.

This year, they are offering internships for their students at all the Soros-sponsored abortion and ‘womens health’ ‘reproductive justice’ outlets that providing and promote abortion, promiscuity, contraception.
No doubt these internships will be funded by a grant from the Obama (Pelosi, Sebelius are backslidden Catholics) administration.

Another Catholic University, Sacred Heart, is planning to name a building and take a million or so from another noted abortion backer:

Divide and conquer is working well for Obama. Looks like he won’t have to use the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers on the Catholic Church.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Uncle Samuel. | March 25, 2012 at 1:46 pm

    Clarification: The Catholic Church does not have a leg to stand on in its battle against the Obama administration on birth control, abortion, etc. when its own educational institutions are in open brazen rebellion.

      It’s not just the Catholic Church which has abdicated its responsibilities. It is also the parents, who have progressively deferred judgment to the state or another surrogate.

      That said, there is hope when the Catholic Church protests, when parents protest, and when individuals (including children) protest to preserve their dignity. There is growing evidence that the cultural subversion authored by activists and various cooperatives, and authorized by civil servants, is being recognized and repelled.

I wouldn’t want to eat the food they serve.

In some professions people can be thirty or older when their training is complete. I don’t urge them to be celibate until then.

Nevertheless, it strikes me that there is something profoundly amiss with the hook-up and friends-with-benefits cultures. I can’t find words; the Gods of the Copybook Headings could express my unease better than I can.

The Left likes to package indoctrination as information or education: “teach-ins”, for example. I don’t flat-out assert that Harvard Sex week is postmodern indoctrination, but the suspicion strikes me as reasonable.

Whatever happened to “think of the children”? They do understand the natural order, don’t they? I would guess they have more empathy for dogs and cats than human beings.

Just do what feels good! The consequences of STDs (including AIDS), infertility or super fertility, increased physical and mental impairments in the next generation, premeditated abortion of developing human life, etc. are for someone else to bear.

This goes a long way to explain the result of a recent survey which indicated that a majority of American graduate and PhD students are little more than technicians. It also explains the need for sexual education, and why teaching biology and, perhaps, risk management, is insufficient.

Insert tab A into slut (pun intended) B.

This may be a fluke of circumstance, but it seems to be more of a campaign to invite decadence.

LukeHandCool | March 25, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I really find this obsession with the body and the almighty orgasm—to be worshipped over everything else—truly bizarre.

When I first got on the internet, one of the first things I did was join a social phobia support group. We interacted through a very busy message board.

We discussed coping mechanisms and strategies, vented when we’d had a humiliating day in a social situation, and offered encouragement to those about to have a scary big day for a social phobic; a job interview, a party, a meeting at work, etc.

I became close to a guy in England on the board. He was thinking about returning to school, after dropping out years before because of his social phobia, with the goal of becoming a counselor for troubled youth.

I probably gave him more encouragement and advice than anyone else. When he was worried about writing assignments, I bought and sent him a book I’d heard was good for people lacking in confidence in writing.

As he got closer and closer to his goal, he said he wanted to specialize in counseling young people with sexual identity problems … gay kids afraid of telling their families … young men who felt they should be women and vice versa, etc.

I kept on encouraging him. Then the message board was expanded. There was suddenly a place specifically to discuss politics.

It wasn’t long before there was a thread about the whole LGBT movement.

It was an interesting thread and I responded to one person’s comment.

In my response, I told of having read in the Sunday L.A. Times Magazine years before the true story of a married man with two young daughters who decides he wants a sex-change operation. He tells his wife. She’s shocked and agrees to his request for a divorce.

Then, for me, the worst part. He tells how he takes his two young daughters to the playground for the last time, tears running down his face because he won’t see them anymore in his new life of self-fulfillment, self-actualization, blah blah.

All I could think was, “You selfish s.o.b. You’re disgusting.”

Well, the guy whom I’d been encouraging read my comment and was outraged. He called me all kinds of names. I was supposedly a bigot because I found a transexual to be “disgusting.”

I told him I couldn’t care less about someone’s sexuality and I understand a certain percentage of the population will be born that way and I sympathize.

That’s not disgusting to me. What I found disgusting was his abandoning his children for his own quest at self-actualization.

I’m sorry. Once you have kids, your needs, desires, self-fulfillment, self-actualization, and any new-age crap that makes you feel good … all takes a back seat to those children.

I told him that if God came down to me and said, “Your children or orgasms?” I wouldn’t need a millisecond to decide. It would be goodbye sex and orgasms … it was nice knowing you. You were great but you don’t compare in any way … you are of no importance compared to my children.

Even after I explained all that … he never talked to me again.

    Afaik not all societies shared your commendable devotion to your children. Love was present, but life was utilitarian. The eldest son inherited; his brothers were, like my grandfather, more or less cut loose. Various initiations, trials and rites of passage (including the physical danger of military service) were established to judge a child’s fitness to be declared an adult.

    Unfortunately I came to this browser tab to log off and cannot continue discussing your very interesting point. (I agree with you about orgasm-worship.)

[…] With Harvard Students? Posted on March 25, 2012 3:30 pm by Bill Quick » Harvard Sex Week – Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion Starts […]

I’ll believe they’re sincere about “reproductive justice” when the sluts stop using pregnancy as a means to secure a paycheck.

[…] Professor William A. Jacobson writes in the blog Legal Insurrection that the event is “more evidence of the education bubble:”  ”If only they had offered such activities when I was at Harvard Law School, I might […]

[…] Professor William A. Jacobson writes in the blog Legal Insurrection that the event is “more evidence of the education bubble:”  ”If only they had offered such activities when I was at Harvard Law School, I might […]

“Free Food!”? Why not free condoms? If their cost is bankrupting the women at $43,000/yr Georgetown Law, I can only imagine what it’s doing to the women at Harvard.

The most troubling question, however, is how will Barack explain this to Malia and Sasha?

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