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Collapse of Western civilization delayed

Collapse of Western civilization delayed

but not averted.

al-Qaeda’s master plot to install Joe Biden as President and thereby cause the collapse of Western civilization, or at least the last part of Western civilization which still matters, was set in motion:

“The reason for concentrating on them,” the al-Qaeda leader explained to his top lieutenant, “is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make [Vice President] Biden take over the presidency. . . . Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.

Thing is, we’re going to collapse anyway.  They should have just stayed in the caves and they’d have won.


  • “Oh no, here we go again” headline of the day:  Chinks remain in Israel’s air defense armor, despite Iron Dome.  You see, those Israeli’s are racist!
  • But, but, wasn’t there consensus about abuse of Apple Chinese factory workers?
  • Not good, Wisconsin Republican state Senator to resign, so Senate now deadlocked.  She was subject to recall, so there will be an election on June 5 for the seat regardless, but Republicans need to find someone to run. (Update:  The female state Senator was the target of a harrassing email campaign by an AFSCME union official, who called her a “pig” and so forth.  She said she was resigning because of family health issues.)
  • Astrobumperstickering.
  • How long before Rush is brought before the U.N. Human Right Council for attacking a civilian?  (They really do think of it in military terms.)
  • Taliban and Republicans, what’s the diff?  (says aspiring yet intensely bitter peace-maker)
  • Mitt’s uniting the party in anticipation of his nomination:


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Um, regarding the bumper sticker…maybe I could tell them where to stick it instead of where to send it….

I have difficult news. We’ve learned that Mike Daisey’s story about Apple in China – which we broadcast in January – contained significant fabrications. We’re retracting the story because we can’t vouch for its truth. This is not a story we commissioned. It was an excerpt of Mike Daisey’s acclaimed one-man show “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs,” in which he talks about visiting a factory in China that makes iPhones and other Apple products.

The China correspondent for the public radio show Marketplace tracked down the interpreter that Daisey hired when he visited Shenzhen China. The interpreter disputed much of what Daisey has been saying on stage and on our show. On this week’s episode of This American Life, we will devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in “Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory.”

Daisey lied to me and to This American Life producer Brian Reed during the fact checking we did on the story, before it was broadcast. That doesn’t excuse the fact that we never should’ve put this on the air. In the end, this was our mistake.

We’re horrified to have let something like this onto public radio.

Funny, I can’t recall a time when Breitbart had to retract a major story…

I think clever conservative/independent minded people could have lots of fun directing where to send Free Obama-Biden stickers. Cave#251-Wazeristan. Putin, c/o The Kremlin. Pyongyang. The amusing possibilities are endless.

I see this Twitter exercise is likely to be a successful as #AttackWatch. 🙂

Let me say it again, Mittens! NO, NO, NO!

The worst idea of any GOP Candiate. Pander to the left and ignore the Gun and Bible toting conservatives and try to force the people to choose you by outspending everyone 10 to 1 and attacking the other candidates with lies and mis-truths. I am daPenguin and I approve this message 🙂

Mike Daisey’s article on Apple’s Chinese factory workers was simply to forward and bolster support for US unions to stir up anti-Corporate sentiment and advocate for global unionism.

They could care less about the Chinese workers, they simply want Americans to pay more for Apple’s products… out of fairness.

Just like they want you to pay more for gasoline…
Bringing the American economy crashing down forwards their goals for big government.
Remember, Liberalism is always self-justifying.

    Squires in reply to OcTEApi. | March 16, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Every animal will be equal, excepting those who, out of necessity of ensuring the greater good, will be more equal.

Here’s a fun fact:
Southern Governors’ Association
In the year of 2009, the export volume from the 16 U.S. southern states to China totaled 26 billion USD, 37% increase of the previous year.

Mitt Romney 2012 Economic Plan
Cite China as a currency manipulator and assess duties on Chinese imports if China does not float its currency.

Start a trade war with China equals fail y’all, although the first to fail would be the very small exports by unionized companies.

O’Dufus: bending over backwards to appease the very people who plot your assassination.

From the peacemaker link: Hillary Clinton: ‘I’ve Made Women a Cornerstone of American Foreign Policy’.

So that explains it…because for sure the national interest of the United States has not been a cornerstone of American foreign policy.

Clinton’s smugness is dumbfounding. Even (heaven forbid) a smuggled Iranian nuke obliterating NYC—even China dumping our debt overnight and triggering the Greatest Depression—even a Castro ally getting elected President of Mexico—might not ruffle it.

Her continuing smugness is doubly dumbfounding because it caused her to lose the 2008 primaries. When Hillary the Inevitable President finally moved her…pantsuit…and started dealing with the Obama threat seriously, she clearly took his measure, but it was just a little too late.

I sometimes get the sense that people think we’d have been better off with Hillary as President. I’m not at all sure—and I’m not at all sure the threat is over.

    Squires in reply to gs. | March 16, 2012 at 7:06 pm

    And “reproductive rights”? That’s as rich a euphemism as “social justice”.

    When the likes of Hillary and Sandy jet-set their lilly-white asses over to China and demand an end to the monstrous one-child policy, when they hop on over to the Arab world and demand young girls not be forced (whether legally or extra-legally with a wink and a nudge from the police) to marry their rapists:

    …when they speak out against sharia law’s automatic rendering of any Muslim man’s child as his property, leaving mothers utterly defenseless to the threat of divorce, and when they tell the North Sudanese to return the thousands of women who’ve been abducted from the South to be used as slaves and brood-mares – then, then they can use phrases like “reproductive rights”.

    Like the right to reproduce, the right to not be forced by violence to reproduce, and the right to not have your offspring stolen from you or used as hostages.


      Uncle Samuel in reply to Squires. | March 16, 2012 at 11:20 pm

      ‘Women’s health’ ‘reproductive justice’ = abortion, contracteption.

      The liberals have linked everything to abortion, contraception and gay rights.

      Money for AIDS treatment with one hand, promote the cause of AIDS with the other.

      What an insane group of people run the world.

      Same with the Islam/Palestinians apologists…and human/womens/gay rights?

      WHY Can’t they see the illogic, the lack of congruency, the insanity of their thinking?

Chinks remain in Israel’s air defense armor, despite Iron Dome.

For that, this blog deserves the dubious distinction (unless Bill deletes it) of being possibly the first to point out the acronym for War on Pornography.

LukeHandCool | March 16, 2012 at 9:06 pm

That would’ve been a “big effing deal” because then Nancy Pelosi would’ve been one hair plug away from the presidency.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Steve. | March 17, 2012 at 7:15 am

    GREAT young Republican video in answer to Obama’s ‘FLAT EARTH’ remark.

    By his snide flat earth aspersion, Obama (ever the dedicated Islam-o-fascist operative and apologist) opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms for himself – the discovery of America and Christopher Columbus.

    1492, the year Columbus began his journey, was also the year of the fall of Grenada, the final conquest of the Muslims in Spain and the establishment of the Catholic King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

    If the new King and Queen had not dispatched and funded Christopher Columbus on the famous expedition, the United States of America would not have been founded and Obama (regretfully) would not be its President.

    Greedy, ever aggressive and possessive, Islam still covets Spain and considers it ‘occupied territory’ just as it does Israel. Islam is a world conquest, racist, unjust system that has to be held back firmly by force, as at least, so far, Islam knows no shame, devouring people, tribes and nations without remorse or repentance.

    The only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim, one who has seen Islam for what it is. The Sufi, despised and persecuted by the other Islamic sects, have renounced violence, and are reputedly peaceful.

    It’s time for Islam to grow up and be a respectful part of the world.
    Respect the right of other nations, religions and races to exist and prosper.
    Respect and take care of your own people.
    Respect human rights and value human life.

DINORightMarie | March 16, 2012 at 9:44 pm

Related to the “uniter’s” ad you linked, I just saw this on The Right Scoop:

Levin Caller Astounded at Sheer Number of Negative Ads…. Looks like Newt is asking Romney to stop…..not holding my breath, though.

Romney needs to either drop out or stop the attacks. He will NEVER beat Obama using this tactic, if he wins the nomination. The left has the corner on the attack ad expertise market, IMHO. (And I think they are just DYING to dig into the raaaacist attacks against the Mormon church – for starters.) Romney is turning people off – sours them to voting for him, come November.

I still hope that Newt is able to bring things together, and that his strategy will play out. We’ll see.

No. No. No. Our enemies should be advocates for infidelity, homosexuality, promiscuity, abortion and other deviant behaviors. It’s a cheap form of biological warfare. It is self-inflicted evolutionary dysfunction.

While they are waiting for the collapse of our civilization, they can conspire with liberated Americans to immigrate to our nation (or walk across our southern border).

Subversion from within is the most practical and effective way to bring the most powerful nation to its knees.

Santorum had a good answer for Romney’s preposterous ad:

Santorum is right about that -Romney is a business heavyweight all right …costing the US taxpayers a hefty amount, more than any politician I know.

Romney got bail outs, loans, grants, etc. for Bain Capital investments, loans, etc. for the businesses they took over, for the state of MA, to underwrite Romney care and a record amount for the Salt Lake City Olympics – 1.5 billion plus 3-4 hundred million…to the tune of 800,000 per athlete.

Applying ALINSKY RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” Graphics and tweets mock Obama’s speech, which threw President Rutherford B. Hayes under the bus with lies. Team Obama can use the teleprompter, but not Google or Bing, or so it seems.

    BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Mutnodjmet. | March 17, 2012 at 1:43 am

    Wow That was a vicious attack on Hayes by Obama. THis will lose him votes in Ohio -or should – .

    I followed the South Mountain battle lines where Hayesplayed a big part for The Union .

    Moreover Hayes was an Ohio Governor & A Harvard Law Grad.

    He had it all . Military Law Executive .

    As Sarah would say -Rutherford was a Man Of Valour.

    Obama is small by comparison.

      If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they must have been founding members of the Flat Earth Society.

      Did the World’s Smartest President Ever just also suggest that Columbus set sail to prove the earth was round?


        Uncle Samuel in reply to Squires. | March 17, 2012 at 7:23 am

        See my comment above….It was probably a ‘Freudian slip’ – Columbus popped out of his mind, because the year he set sail was the same year as the Fall of Grenada and to his mind, the beginning of ‘occupied Spain.’

    OcTEApi in reply to Mutnodjmet. | March 17, 2012 at 4:07 am

    Apparently, he also doesn’t know squat about how to create forged documents in Photoshop.

Uncle Samuel | March 17, 2012 at 7:29 am

Where does Israel get their Iron Dome missile defense units?

Why don’t they have more of them?

Are they being rationed by the manufacturer or prohibitively, obscenely expensive?

Romney ad: boldest ideas since Reagan?

What was Gingrich and Contract With America.

Romney’s baldfaced lies never stop. They are beyond spin and puffery. He is committing fraud. The moron media says nothing.