• Israel Matzav is having a fundraiser.  Carl in Jerusalem is a blogger who is a great source on things going on in the Middle East, consider supporting him.
  • Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt running presidential candidate, despite have said it wouldn’t.
  • Buy Israeli Goods month just started.
  • Richard Lugar “settles” with election board, will be allowed to vote in Indiana.
  • Piers Morgan and Toure get into a strange exchange
  • Awesome ad placement of the day award goes to.
  • More on Vanderbilt’s assault on religious freedom.
  • It’s not George Zimmerman crying for help on 911 recording, 2 experts say, Orlando Sentinel. Actually, the biometric expert says it’s only a 40% match to Zimmerman, which raises the question why it would be that much if it’s not him, and the other expert does a non-technical voice analysis.  But, if it’s true that it’s not Zimmerman, that raises serious questions.  (added)  The forensics on the bullet wound will be critical — and will tell whether it is consistent with Zimmerman firing while on his back on the ground or not, or firing from above down.  If it is Trayvon crying for help, and the bullet wound indicates it was fired from someone standing over him, this case changes completely.  That’s why it is so important to know much, much more before reaching conclusions.


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