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“Ann Coulter told Mitt he’d better be as conservative as she’s told people he is.”

In other words: “I’m guessing you are but if you’re not you should be.”

Because its one of the more ironic campaign ads you’ll ever see:

You stand at the top of my list, Professor.

RefudiateObama2012 | February 3, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Where do you stand? You’re on the top tier, and that tier is sparsely populated. You have to go down a long way on that list of 150 sites before you find a truly conservative site., a conservative site? Really? No way.

Romney’s theme that “the poor have the safety net, so we don’t have to worry about them” has been around for quite a while. RiehlWorldView links to a post at WaPo by Greg Sargent. That post includes video of Romney saying the same thing last October.

Romney stated in the video, “In our country, the people who need the help most are not the poor, who have a safety net; not the rich, who are doing just fine; but the middle class.”

Again that was last October, and in that version, he wasn’t even concerned about fixing any problems with that wonderful “safety net” for the poor. The rich were doing fine, and evidently the poor were doing fine enough.

Yes, indeed, Mr. Electable has been honing this message for quite a while.

Hopefully more people will find your site. I appreciate it because you don’t use hyperbole in your headlines,I dislike it when the libs do it but when conservative sites do it then I really hate it. Keep up the good work and thanks for your wit and conservative opinions,we don’t need to embellish our beliefs, just tell them as they are. Small confession – you’re only no.2 on my bookmarks,hope I don’t get banned.

BTW, why is Ann Coulter’s ugly mug now on 50% of the pages I visit here?

Desperate much, or just that arrogant?

Anyway, never thought I would say such a thing, but I think I prefer Alan Grayson…

“Ann Coulter told Mitt he’d better be as conservative as she’s told people he is.”

Anyone who stakes his reputation on the future actions of a politician is a fool.

    n.n in reply to javau. | February 3, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    People would do well to remember that there are no mortal gods and they should not defer to anyone on that basis.

Jews need to decide what they believe. If they believe and respect individual dignity, if they believe and respect the sanctity of human life (i.e. thou shalt not kill), then they will not, in the majority, vote Democrat. They cannot. It is antithetical to their faith, which states our existence is intended for judgment of individual conscience. They will reject redistributive and retributive change, and support voluntary exploitation through economic exchange and charitable works and donations.

As for the pro-choice Jews, they, like their liberal counterparts, have dreams of physical, material, and ego instant gratification. They choose to devalue human life, and abrogate the responsibility demanded by their faith, in order to fulfill their dreams. They have priorities which are incompatible with both their God and nature’s order.

If Jews want their faith to mean anything at all, then they must be honest and acknowledge that many “Jews” are classified such by heritage alone. They demonstrate a progressive disrespect for the principles and history of their faith through their selective adherence, and in so doing marginalize the legitimacy of their purported faith.

Well, as long as they feel good. I suppose that’s all that really matters anyway. God and/or nature be damned.

“Some day the truth with out” — now that Newt and Prof. Jacobson have moved me into Newt’s camp, how do we adjust for Newt’s reverse teflon problem: every negative narrative sticks to him, no matter how far it may be from the truth. When in doubt, the vast majority intuits that any bad news reported about him is more likely to be true rather than false. Saying “that’s not fair” or that “some day the truth will out” is not an effective tactic for dealing with the problem.

    Remember that woman from England who sang opera on one of the TV reality shows a few years ago? Everyone was absolutely amazed that she had such a voice. Ask yourself why everyone was amazed; simply put, she wasn’t a svelte runway model with a face like the Virgin Mary. I doubt that another Tony Bennett could get a start in music these days.

    There is more to this than meets the eye. People seem to believe what attractive folks have to say with few questions asked, especially if they are both rich and attractive. Newt is no Abraham Lincoln, but he isn’t a Justin Bieber either, so people just don’t tend to believe him as much as they should.

    Now pit Romney against Gingrich and you’ll understand better what is happening to our culture.

It’s amazing to me that the Republican primary has pitted a known conservative congressman against a liberal governor of a liberal state and the liberal is leading the race.

For years now, I’ve asked why it is that while the majority of voters are center-right, we seem to frequently elect center-left politicians. The conclusion I’ve come to this year is that many Democrats have worked there way into the Republican Party as organizers, candidates and as voters. In this way, the Democrats can dominate all elections, even when the Republican candidate wins.

Conservatives face the unenviable task of wresting control of the Republican Party away from the Democrats who run it and then marginalizing the residual squishes if they are to have any say at all.

    n.n in reply to MSO. | February 4, 2012 at 1:38 am

    The conclusion you may draw is that many people have dreams of instant gratification. Some of physical, others of material, and others yet of ego. The so-called right-wing is far from ideologically coherent. Some on the right, and many independent, are fiscal conservatives or classical liberals. They have no desire to establish or maintain moral norms other than that which prevent enjoyment of their own dignity. And why would they, when it so much easier to go with the flow, and not be slandered as racist, sexist, phobic, etc. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize that they are competing with individuals and cooperatives who have more ambitious goals and less conscience to constrain their methods. Their competing interests promise, and occasionally deliver, instant gratification to their constituents.

    You want an abortion to avoid being burdened by a developing human life? You got it.
    You want to crush someone under allegations of racism, sexism, etc.? Sure, why not.
    Do you seek to purchase an indulgence to assuage feelings of guilt, real and perceived? We have a non-profit or legislation which will accept your money or vote, respectively.

    Vote for Caesar and Caesar will render or promise unto you instant gratification.

I read a post at another site that made me laugh, it said… Obama, putting the POS in POtuS since 2009.

Coulter said to him: “You owe me, and you better be as right wing as I’m telling everyone you are going to be. . . . He said don’t worry.” (at about the 0:45 in the interview linked below)

But she also boasts that Romney got elected in Massachusetts because he fooled liberals.

“I say he tricked liberals into voting for him.” (at about the 14:05 mark in the interview linked below)

So why isn’t Gov. Romney just as able to trick conservatives into voting for him?

January 13, 2012 interview

LI is in my top 3 sites, and for lots of reasons. Keep doing what you’re doing!

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