Other than everything?

It’s a theme I’ve been harping on since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of this campaign season.  Not being someone else is not a reason to vote for you.

Oh, we’ll vote for you if the only someone else is Obama, but we will not be enough.

Via Ryan Lizza h/t Dan McLaughlin:

This sort of stuff doesn’t help, either, cause we ain’t stuped:

“Four years ago we won all three of three of those states [Michigan, Utah and Massachusetts]. Is any one of them a must-win for Mitt Romney? No,” [Romney senior advisor Eric] Fehrnstrom said.

“I think the must-do for any candidate running for president is achieving the 1,145 delegates. That’s what’s going to secure the nomination, and it’s a long process and as of right now we have a nearly three to one lead over our closest rival in terms of delegates,” he added.

It feeds a narrative shared by conservatives and liberals alike that there is no there there, which will be devastating in the general election:

In short, hiding behind that Mitt Romney mask is (yikes) another Mitt Romney mask.

Change course, right the ship, do something other than what you have been doing.