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Unwinding Wisconsin’s success

Unwinding Wisconsin’s success

That would be the result of a successful recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

From Heritage Foundation via CharlieSykes:


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This video stinks. Way too much time give to the Union tools and their propaganda with only a smattering of textual overlay and one Republican woman’s mild rebuttal. Heritage — after the lurid circus in Wisconsin last year you can’t do better than this?

The Union Manifesto can be boiled down to one simple rule: “More Pay Less Work”. Everything that follows comes from that rule. They will use any tactic they think they can get away with to achieve that goal.

    Ragspierre in reply to imfine. | February 21, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Public unions are worse than that. They are all about monopoly and coercion. The very antithesis of competition and choice.

If they really want what’s fair Walker would have them make the same contribution percentage that the average worker makes. Even at 12% and 5.5%, they are still well below the average and that still isn’t good enough. Selfish and greedy. Also, no sense.

Hitler did not “bust” the unions. He institutionalized the compliant ones.

They were an essential part of the tri-part corporatist collective of fascist economics.

See Motors, General.

Fellow Wisconsinites,

Tuesday, Feb 21 [TODAY] is the democratic primary for the recall of Governor Walker. It is an open primary so anyone with a Wisconsin drivers license or ID can vote in it. If you so agree please go vote and “write in” Scott Walker in the line provided for write in candidates. If he receives enough votes, there won’t be a recall because he can’t run against himself. It would save the state of Wisconsin the exorbitant election fees. In the neighborhood of $2.3 million.

The last comment was about not letting

“Walmart or the Disney corporation teaching the children of this state.”

I can see why not. From Walmart they would learn about doing things at the least possible cost and saving your customers money. From Disney, the could learn organization and how to please your customers. What the children would learn from those two corporations would be an anathema to teacher’s unions


We the majority of voters, who elected Scott Walker in the first place, have had to sit quietly fuming for some months now.

The Democratic Primary will possibly have 4 candidates splitting the vote.

If 500,000 of us turn out, and write in Scott Walker, it’s a slam dunk for the good guys, and all taxpayers.

We CAN defeat the recall of Scott Walker!

Wisconsin will become the third state ever to attempt recalling their Governor. In order to defeat the other side we must be more united than ever. With that thought in mind we should be committed to seeing we retain Scott Walker

The first step is to vote in the Democratic primary election and write-in Scott Walker.

If we can gain a majority of the votes in the democratic primary we will have defeated the democrats at their game and save the tax payers millions of dollars ..

Send this on to all of your friends in Wisconsin who are tired of the recall rhetoric. If we all participate in this perfectly legal act of freedom, we will defeat those that wish us to go back to the days of $3.6 billion dollar deficits.

Hitler was pro-Union.

Here’s a comparison between 2 school districts – one in Wisconsin, one in Illinois. Both are top in their state, send 90% of their students to college and have very low drop out rates (1-2%). ACT scores are terrific for both – WI is higher, but IL requires ALL students to take the ACT, WI doesn’t. Both districts spend the same $ per student (w/i $50).

The WI district:
spends 80% of its $ on salary and benefits,
avg salary is 55K.
no certified teachers below high school level
1 gifted teacher per 3 schools.
teacher/student ratio of 17 – 1 (that’s not class size)

The IL district
spends 68% of its $ on salary and benefits
avg salary is 77K
90% of teachers at middle/high level are certified
1 gifted teacher per school, allowing for actual gifted curriculum
teacher/student ratio of 13 – 1.

So… the union is making big bucks off the union-owned health insurance while the kids are in more crowded classrooms, with less educated teachers, less room for advanced curriculum and less money for other things – like books.

The teachers are making significantly less money (even though this town’s COL is pretty high) because their raises for the last 5 years have gone to union health insurance. They’re working harder because their classrooms are overcrowded, and they have fewer resources for kids at the ends of the spectrum.

The only winner here is the union, who is making itself fat at the expense of the taxpayers, students AND teachers.