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Turbo Taxed enough already

Turbo Taxed enough already

One of our readers, Patricia, has started doing graphic production work for a local Tea Party group, check out her first item.


“That’s the kind of balance you need. Why is that the case? Because if you don’t try to generate more revenues through tax reform, if you don’t ask, you know, the most fortunate Americans to bear a slightly larger burden of the privilege of being an American, then you have to — the only way to achieve fiscal sustainability is through unacceptably deep cuts in benefits for middle class seniors, or unacceptably deep cuts in national security.”


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DINORightMarie | February 26, 2012 at 7:30 pm

If I didn’t know he was real, I would swear he is a character straight out of Atlas Shrugged.

He is a ferret-faced Marxist, our old buddy old pal “Turbo Tax” Timmy is.

(the link is really for the similar looks and fitting name, not the song, per se) 😉

That’s not all the AP is up to. They are busy trying to suppress the substance of Republican speeches, by talking instead about how racist hispanics and asians are.

I kid you not.
AP article by Juliet Williams “California GOP tries to Widen its Base” Sunday, February 26, 2012?

“Despite the focus on Asians, Hispanics and younger voters, diversity was not reflected in the choice for Saturday’s headline speakers — former House Speaker and GOP presidential contender Newt Gingrich and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.”

Isn’t that just breathtaking? The reporter assumes that no hispanics or asians or young people would be interested to listening to Newt Gingrich because he is too old and too white.

Of course, the real purpose of the article is to AVOID reporting on the substance of this speech.

conservativegram | February 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm

Nice job, Patricia!

Just finished reading the post about Algae… a must read for those interested in oil-issue. (Me, I read articles like those because Oil-Gas is the industry I work).

When I was in Singapore, we sat down with one of these algea-farmers who was looking for investors. His plan was to move operations out to sea. He had a lot of smiling faces, but I kept looking at the part where it described the size of his algae-field. Four square mile. Producing “one thousand barrels a day”. Hhhmmmm…and the FPSOs being built today can handle 250000bpd. You do the math and figure out how big this algae file would have to be.

Drill Baby Drill

Great work, Patricia! Hope to see more!

Ah, Islam. The original empire waiting to be reborn. From the perspective of a selective history, it was always a victim.

They are not only persecuting Christians, but also pagans, and in Africa, everyone who is not Muslim, including, principally, Blacks. While Christians are clearly disposable, it was my impression that people with a black outward appearance retained a most favored status.

Anyway, this reminds me of the recent lesbian vs gay kerfuffle; or an older Black and Latino vs lesbian kerfuffle. They still cannot determine who will be best to exploit. Although, in the latter case, it did involve “rape-rape”, and most people, left and right, still consider that to be the greater crime. However, it is, and was, easier to simply quell the story. That is generally their favored approach to confronting circumstances which cause people to question their motives.
– – –
Heterosexual and homosexual marriage? Marriage should not be arbitrarily restricted based on the simple criteria of physical intercourse or to couples and couplets. End the discrimination!
– – –
Obama’s attacks on the Koch’s businesses is reminiscent of the global warming/climate change/climate disruption/AGW/AGC/CACG/whatever modus operandi. Well, at least we know that Obama’s motives are purely opportunistic. It’s not as if he has made any effort to hide his ambitions or that of his supporters. Then again, neither have the global warming individuals and cooperatives. They are functionally equivalent and in public denial of their motives.
– – –
So, is the situation in Syria mainly a conflict between Islamic sects, principally Sunni and Shia?
– – –
The government, federal, state, and local, already controls approximately $7 trillion — nearly half of our national GDP. Of that, approximately $1 trillion is allocated to help the less fortunate. Timmy needs to review waste, fraud, and abuse, before suggesting further involuntary exploitation will correct the progressive corruption which the prevailing policies have and continue to sponsor.

They need to stop making emotional appeals and confront the issues on their merit.

Turbo-Tax Timmy says “the rich should pay more for the privilege of living in America.”

Which begs the question – what should the #Occupiers do? The welfare queens?

Translated, he means, the rich should pay so no one else has to… yet when asked to pony up HIS share, Timmy cheated.

Please tell me where the portal is – I would like to step through, back into the real world.

Just saw Patricia’s work. Obama is not bowing nearly low enough. No wonder the Afghans are furious.

Barack, you better get yourself right over to Afghanistan with a nice jizya check for $50B or so. If Karzai, in front of the cameras, revives the practice of ritual dhimmi-slapping, he’s just testing the sincerity of your apology. Don’t disgrace America’s first multicultural Presidency by reacting in a manner that disrespects delicate Islamic sensibilities.

Hmmm. Syria. Remember where all of those WMD that we didn’t find in Iraq went? Of course not, because we all know they didn’t exist. I wonder if we’ll see any of those non-existent WMDs deployed against the rebels?

Sorry, silly crazy conspiracy talk, nothing to see here.

It is not a good idea to cross the line and call civil partnerships between same-sex couples marriage.

Where they have done so, in CA (briefly), and Romney’s MA and in the UK, it has created difficulties and confusion. One is the desire to adopt children which creates problems for Christian and Catholic adoption agencies. Where same-sex parents insist on either bearing their own children, sperm donors in Australia have impregnated nearly a hundred children who will never know a father. Persons with sexual disorientation bring up children with identity and sexual disorientation. They begin to demand expensive procedures paid for by government health care: sex-change operations, InVitro fertilization, etc.
There have been other rights groups wanting the state to grant the same privilege to multiples, intra-generational, incestuous and other aberrant arrangements (some people have wanted to ‘marry’ their pet or favorite building).

This is expensive and becomes chaotic, and it is unnecessary. We must do as Nancy Reagan recommended, just say no.

This is a link to a speech Newt gave at the NRA Convention. It is 28 minutes long and well worth the listen. The more people who get to hear Newt speak, the better understanding they will have about how precious our freedoms are and why we need to protect them:!

Here’s a link to a speech Newt gave at the Rock Springs Baptist Church in Georgia, it is 20 minutes long and addresses religious freedom, it’s well worth a listen;

    Scorpio51 in reply to Say_What. | February 27, 2012 at 8:37 am

    Thanks for the link to Newt’s speech in Georgia.

    I’m always in awe of him.

    Valerie in reply to Say_What. | February 27, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for the links. I’m keeping an eye out for transcripts. The local newspaper is not carrying one word of this, although they are carrying comments that “the Republican candidates” are focusing on birth control instead of our pressing economic issues.

    They are pretending that Newt is not in the race, or that he has nothing to say. Isn’t that nice of them, to decide that the primaries are done, and that the candidates have already been selected?

      Say_What in reply to Valerie. | February 27, 2012 at 12:17 pm

      I know, but they may be doing him a favor unknowingly. Flying under the radar of the Libs, msm and Rombots is probably better than being constantly attacked by them.

      Newt is doing a good job of getting his message out, unfiltered, to the people who need to hear it. We help him by passing the message along.